Buy RSFU Klick Natural long lasting glide lubricant 100ml online India
Rsfu klick natural lube 100ml from sweden
Rsfu klick natural lube 100ml from sweden

Rsfu klick natural lube 100ml from sweden

Brand: Klicknaturallube

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RFSU is an organization that holds a history of 75 years dealing with products ranging from condoms, lubricants and sex toys. Klick natural glide lubricant is known as a safe glyde lube for couples to feel the intimacy. It is completely paraben free and it gives a complete natural feeling as if no lubricant is used. This best glyde offers the moisturization which stays for more duration than the normal glide. It has a favorable 5.0 pH value which proves it neutrality. Can be safely used with condoms and sex toys.

Klick Natural glide personal lubricant

This lubricant is completely unbiassed & mainly based on water. To bring in the feel of making it natural, it has been created with no smell or taste. It is as plain as it could be. The reason it is called natural is because of the way it is made.  It is completely free of preservatives. It will be so standard in a way you will barely feel the use of it.



2.Propylene glycol




6.Lactic Acid,

7.Sodium Saccharin

8.Benzoic Avid

9.Sodium Hydroxide,

10.Dehydroacetic Acid

What's special about this glyde lube?

It has no smell and no taste. It is as plain as it could be. Since it is mainly made of water, it is friendly to skin and do not affect the sperms at large.

Why is it termed safe & easy natural lubricant?

It is 100% safe with the usage of no parabens and offers the natural feel.

How to use glide ?

Just take a little portion of the lubricant in hand and gently apply on the genitals of your female partner. Apply more if necessary. Can be used for women who lack the required amount of lubrication. Can also be used by women who have crossed menopause.

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