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REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin 330mm Large - 7 pcs perpack
REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin 330mm Large - 7 pcs perpack
REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin 330mm Large - 7 pcs perpack
REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin 330mm Large - 7 pcs perpack

REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin 330mm Large - 7 pcs perpack

Brand: REYO


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The REYO Anion Sanitary Napkin is the new revolutionary product for women.

It kills 99.9% bacteria through the built-in negative ion strip. It also has much greater absorbent power than any other leading brands.It is a sanitary napkin that not only meets the hygienic demands of women, but also provides additional benefits in the form of Anion enhancements. Anions are naturally occurring and are known to increase the general healthiness and well-being of women.

Main components in REYO Anion sanitary napkins:

Components in REYO Anion sanitary napkins:

  1. Anion Chip:

In these days, there are so many anion napkins in the market. Anion napkins are not only meant by the Anion chip in the napkins. It should meet the complete effects of anion. Anion is usually available in Hill stations. It’s medical is limitless. It has a highly healing power. Anion is used to prevent the tiredness and pain during mensus. REYO Anion sanitary napkins had passed so many labs tests and its anion chip is certified as Original with anion properties.

  1. FAR – IR:

Far Infrared expands capillaries which stimulates increased blood flow,regeneration, circulation and oxygen. It also maintains and promotes healthy lung function. FAR – IR is used in REYO Anion sanitary napkins to kills bacteria. And it prevents in killing bacterias and prevents it’s multiplication.

  1. Magnetic:

Magnetic, Anion and Far Infrared Strip - Eliminate odor and relieve menstrual discomforts. The use of magnetic in REYO Anion sanitary napkins helps to relieve menstrual discomfort, anti-tumour, prevent toilet infection, prevent cervical cancer in women and prevent odour.Thus, providing consumers with greater convenience, comfort and care.

  1. Chitin & Nano Silver:

To increase the sustainability and the power to women. It kills bacteria and prevents the production.


10 Layer Protection in REYO Anion sanitary napkins::

Layer 1 : Ultra soft cotton layer, To keep the women feel smooth and comfortable.

Layer 2 : Side leakage proof: It prevents the side leakage during heavy flow and over flow.

Layer 3: Anion chip: Anion chip is used to kill bacterias. And Anion is bounded with FAR-IR, Magnetic, Nano Silver and Chitin technology.

Layer 4 & 8:  These both layers are made with Surgical cotton. This layer made womens feel dry and safe. For Double protection, It is used as two layers.

Layer 5 & 7 : Air Laid paper: This is on top and bottom layer of absorbent gel. Inorder to keep Air circulation in the napkins.

Layer 6 : Natural absorbent gel: This is made with Aloe-Vera and Field corn pulp. Aloe-Vera is to keep cool and Fresh and Field corn pulp is to lock the liquid.

Layer 9: Dotted base paper: This is made with Bio – degradable plastic and it circulates the air the napkins.

Layer 10: Natural Glue: Natural Glue is made with some fruits extracts. Its glue will not resist on the cloth after Wash.


Comparison of REYO Anion napkins and Other Leading Brands:

S.No Features REYO Anion sanitary napkins Other Brands
1 Individually Wrapped Individually wrapped and napkin is completely sealed Individually wrapped but not individually sealed.
2 Perfume Not perfumed Perfumed to smell better
3 Bleach Looks like normal Bleached to look whiter
4 Dioxin Dioxin free Contains Dixon
5 Packing Bio Degradable Plastic Plastic
6 Glue Natural fruits glue Factory glue
7 Absorption Higher absorption of 200ml Normal absorption rate
8 Layers 10 Layer Protection No layer protection
9 Plastic Plastic free Covered with Plastic
10 5 Features
(Anion, FAR-IR, Magnetic, Nano Silver, Chitin)
Available Not Available
11 Rayon 1stLayer is ultra soft cotton layer 1stLayer as Rayon dry net
12 Absorbent Gel Natural absorbent gel
(Aloe Vera and Field corn pulp)
Artificial silicone Gel
13 Cotton Natural and Surgical cotton Bleached and Recycled cotton
14 Raw material 100% Safe and Hygiene Possibly recycled paper with huge amount of chemicals
15 Economy Only one pad can be used rather than 3 – 4 days Need to be changed atleast 3 – 4 pads a day




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