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Pregnancy panties pack of 2
Pregnancy panties pack of 2
Pregnancy panties pack of 2

Pregnancy panties pack of 2

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PREGNANCY PANTIES 100% soft Lycra cotton

- Specially designed for pregnant women.


About pregnancy panties

Pregnancy panties are worn by women in some cultures as an adaptation to changes in body size during pregnancy. Buy pregnancy panties online for improved in India, It is No seams, stiff panties. Seamless, perfect fitting intimate wear for all day comfort. You feel to better fit, embarrassing bulges for smoother and eliminate the awkward creases, sleeker look. Enhance comfort as the lack of sea for improved on restrictive comfort as the body nonrestrictive well as nonbinding. Seamless garments having no waistband or side seam
failures which make it more durable.Buy Pregnancy Panties Online At Shycart India.

Uncomfortable pregnancy panties could completely sour a fun day out. So make sure you buy wisely when you go pregnancy panties shopping online. Once you have found a panties style. That is comfortable for you, make sure you choose the right size.


Women Care happens to be the flagship brand of Kim Sim Creations. With an extensive line of products, the brand has built itself a
firm base. Its offerings to the market include several designs of maternity panties, feeding bras, corsets, nd panties. Years of innovation have gained the brand a foothold in the market, and it looks set for the long run by improvising and evolving its production lines to suit the consumer's needs. Affordably priced and quality of the highest order are its biggest boasting points, which are backed by impeccable service.


Maternity panty is an orthopedic garment worn more for medical than cosmetic purposes. Maternity panty fixes your fetus into the right position. It protects abdominal muscles from overstretching and relieves your lower back by reducing the pressure on the internal organs
and spinal cord.

Cost Of Maternity Panties

Buy Maternity Panties online in from Shycart the best cost. Considering the short amount of time these items are worn, they can be considered very expensive by some women. Pregnancy panties Starting range from Rs.290 to Rs.340.

Is it safe?

Yes, Pregnancy Panties and made of 100% cotton and are certified as Skin Friendly.Now, you buy Pregnancy panties online from Shycart, get more offers.


1. Integrated support band lifts and supports the abdomen and evenly distributes weight across the hips & back thereby easing pelvic pain and backache & Promotes proper posture and balance.
2. Velvety soft and sleek microfiber fabric.
3. Easy to put on, no hooks or Velcro.
4. Seamless, soft and breathable material gently wraps around the abdomen. 
5. Offers perfect coverage and fit discreetly under your normal clothes.
6. Stretchable, elastic material supports the belly without compressing and progressively widens as the baby grows.

Key Feature:

- Specially used Lycra blend cotton fabric gives you comfortable stretch with soft feeling.


Size Inches Centimeters
Medium (M) 32" - 34" 80-85 cms
Large (L) 34" - 36" 85-90 cms
Xtra Large (XL) 36" - 38" 90-95 cms
Double Xtra Large (2XL) 40" - 42" 100 - 110 cms


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