` Pigeon - Nipple Shield Silicone
Pigeon - nipple shield silicone
Pigeon - nipple shield silicone
Pigeon - nipple shield silicone

Pigeon - nipple shield silicone

Brand: Pigeon


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Pigeon - Nipple Shield Silicone - Helpful for successful breast feeding.

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Product Description

Composed of a highly smooth and flexible rubber, made of silicone, this pigeon nipple shield offers a surface which is wide at its contact region.

The cut-out section on the top of the shield allows baby to be in direct contact with mother's skin. Additionally, the holes on the nipple are modeled to be precisely the same as the mother's nipple.

Benefits of the product-

  1. This nipple is used to assist reversed or even nipples.
  2. Useful to keep in shape the tender or cracked nipples.
  3.  Provides pain relief when baby latches on.
  4. It serves as a guard against "teething toddlers".

Steps to use the Nipple shield.

  •       1. Lay the shield over the nipple.
  •       2. While feeding, grasp the shield in place with your fingers.

TIP: Squeeze out some milk into the shield and letting your baby drink from it helps the baby to get familiar to the nipple shield.

A Review from our customer:

Our customer’s baby failed to attach properly from birth and she couldn’t feed properly. She was advised to start bottle feeds, which disheartened her.

Her cousin suggested Pigeon Nipple shield to her. She started using it and her baby started to attach properly. She felt like heaven. Five months on still she uses the shield to feed. 


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