Okamoto 0.03 super thin condom| Buy Okamoto 0.03 Platinum thin condoms | shycart
Okamoto 0.03 super thin condom| Buy Okamoto 0.03 Platinum thin condoms | shycart
Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms
Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms

Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms

Brand: Okamoto Skinless Skin

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Buy Okamoto 0.003 Platinum - claimed to be "Almost Nothing" type of condoms that are made in Japan. Comes with an uber cool printed and embossed packaging, these are considered to be the thinnest condoms in available in the market. Every Japanese company / brand works with performance and efficiency on top of their mind. Okamoto 003 series Platinum is based on the same ideology to provide best quality product to perform at its peak.

How thin are Okamoto condoms?

Okamoto thin condoms are super thin and they are rated as Number 1 condoms in Japan for over 10 years. Okamoto condoms are half thin when compared
to normal latex condoms. They promise that "Almost Nothing" feeling while using the condom in order to assure the thin
nature of the condoms.

Even Thickness

The thickness of the condom should be throughout the condom and not to be varied at various edges here and there. Okamoto 0.03 thin
condoms are known for their even thickness throughout the condom and is believed to provide a great smoother and even experience to
both the parties.

Easy & Smooth unrolling

As the Japanese ideology relies on, the performance is believed to be the utmost contributing factor. While Packaging is taken care
at its best, unrolling of condoms is the first and important step in using them. Okamoto 0.03 thin condoms are carefully designed to
provide a great and smooth unrolling experience. This is achieved by the thinness of the condom and the way it is folded and wrapped
in the condom wrapper.

No rubber smell

While Okamoto condoms are believed to provide greater experience, they also ensure there is no foul rubber smell in the product. They are
not scented as well. Overall, Okamato is thin, provides great experience and offers an "almost nothing" experience to customers.

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 Okamoto 0.03 super ultra thin condoms reviews and ratings

Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms - Reviews

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satisfied -
Really satisfied with your service...
excellent experience -
excellent experience
Excellent -
Excellent...Super thin condom....I Love it...
Super thin product! -
Super quality....World best thinnest condom...

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