Buy Moods ultra thin condoms at Rs.90 online in India | Ultra thin condom reviews | shycart
Buy Moods ultra thin condoms at Rs.90 online in India | Ultra thin condom reviews | shycart
Moods ultra thin condom 12s

Moods ultra thin condom 12s

Brand: Moods

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Moods ultra thin is a very good thin condom. Moods condoms made ultra thin from natural rubber latex for satisfaction. These super-thin condoms will make his / her intimate moments considerably intimate by their most of-not-there feel. They add a lot of excitement to lovemaking. This increases pleasure and increases the time of fun , heightens the pleasure. These moods condoms are a good choice for unrestrained lovemaking. Ultra thin condoms from Moods gear up for a night of uninhibited pleasures.

About Moods ultrathin condoms

Moods ultra thin condoms are extra slim condoms or super thin condoms are the latest offering from moods condoms. These condoms create an almost not there feeling. These extra thin condoms are able to add a lot more excitement. In other words, these condoms are specially crafter ultra-thin condoms that can increase the intimacy, to create an almost no condom feels. They also provide greater heights of satisfaction, glamour and thrill during lovemaking. This is very thin to give you an extra sensation during lovemaking. Every condom is dermatologically and electronically tested & ratifies to a range of International Standards. Buy a condom pack of 12 and experience the intimacy. This lubricated condom has a reservoir end. 

Moods ultra thin Condoms sizes

This extra thin condoms from moods come in all standard sizes, so everyone can use it. These condom has a length of 180 mm and has a width of 53 + 2mm. It has a plain texture and comes in pink colour as opposed to normal transparent ones. This is done to differentiate the extra thin or super thin condoms from the regular condoms.

Where to buy Moods Ultra thin condoms?

Normally condoms can be purchased from the nearby pharmacy shops. But in India, there is a lot of social stigma revolving around this condom and safe sex. People get judged while trying to purchase these products from a store. So in those cases, one can order these moods ultra thin condoms with 100% privacy from shycart online store. Or you can visit shycart’s physical store located in Adyar, Chennai to purchase these products. Moods ultra thin condoms will excite your partner to a pleasurable climax. To try out the different variety of moods condoms, check out ultra-thin condoms available in Shycart. You will get all the types of condoms at the best prices. 

Moods ultra thin condom price

The price of Moods Ultra Thin Condom is Rs.100 for a pack of 12 condoms. The average cost of each moods ultra-thin condom is Rs. 9. Also, these moods extra thin condoms come in a premium pack of 4, each containing 12 pieces and it costs Rs.400

Moods ultra thin condom reviews

“very thin and good experience”, “overall satisfied” & “ Give it a try, you won’t regret” are some of the comments and reviews that customers wrote. Visit the product page of moods ultra thin condoms here to read more such testimonials on shycart.

About Moods

Moods condoms are manufactured by HLL Lifecare Limited, an undertaking of the Government of India. The primary objective of the company was to produce condoms for the National Family Planning Program. Moods condoms were later launched by the company to target the premium and upper-middle-class population in cities. It is one of the largest manufacturers of condoms. Moods condoms have about 20 types of variants, namely ultrathin, dotted, various flavours, scented, glow, Absolute Xtasy, extra long, coloured and skin condoms.

Moods Ultrathin Condom - Infographic

 Moods ultra thin condoms in Inida

Moods ultra thin condom 12s - Reviews

4.8 / 5





Excellent -
I liked the packaging. As promised no one could know about the material inside.
very fast delivery -
Packaging promised nothing mentioned on the box..very fast delivery..heads off to ur service
Good quality -
Good quality
Good service -
Very much happy by your products which is not available even in biggest medical stores like medplus frank ross and lifeline.. Specially satisfied by the availibilty of right products at one place. But i would suggest to create an option where one can select the timing for delivery. Thanks for the wonderful package. Will shop soon.
Excellent service -
Shycart is the best site to purchage any privacy things and It provide good services. I have ordered a product at noon and I get dilivered that next early morning which was unexpected to me.
Excellent service -
Dear I appreciate your customer service and kindness. Thanks for this initiative in India.
Excellent service -
Dear I appreciate your customer service and kindness. Thanks for this initiative in India.
good -
Good experience -
This is a really good one. Very good experience
Super -
Nice feeling
Great -
Perfect Fit
good -
These are good
gud product -
Ultrathin from Moods -
Give it a try. You won't regret.
good -
very nice feel natural -
good procduct

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