Moods Lube | Buy Moods natural vaginal lubricant online in India at Rs.260 | shycart
Moods Lube |  Buy Moods natural vaginal lubricant online in India at Rs.260 | shycart
Moods natural lubes - 60 ml

Moods natural lubes - 60 ml

Brand: Moods

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Moods natural lubes is a personal lubricant to introduce additional fun to your bedroom. It helps to lessen the friction while having fun between the couples. It makes the private part more wet and eases the fun having moment.

Moods natural vaginal lubricant - Product Information

Moods natural vaginal lubricants are sexual vaginal lubricants used to reduce the friction during sexual intercourse. Moods lubes are highly preferred during the intercourse. Couples involving in intercourse doesn't feel aroused, they feel tired, face some discomfort during the act, heavy pain while having sex and they might not feel it to be pleasurable
.Sexual lubricants are meant for both men and women indulged in the act.The vaginal secretions vary from women to women due to various reasons such as anxiety, stress,changes in hormones due to periods, pregnancy and many other that result in varied secretion levels.

What are lubes?

Lubes/ lubricants are liquid based sexual enablers to reduce the friction during sexual intercourse. During sexual intercourse, sometimes, the friction happens due to vaginal dryness. Lubes help in the smooth movement of men during sexual intercourse. If you are on the confusion of what lube to buy, Moods natural lube is the straightforward answer.

Moods lubes - Why are they required?

On an average, a study  states that 9 out of 10 women in India undergo vaginal dryness.  Moods lubes are required to make the act of intercourse, more pleasurable and with less friction.

What causes vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness can be caused due to variety of reasons. Ageing, stress, poor physical activities and many more.
There are medical conditions like diabetes and many other diseases which might cause the issue. Vaginal dryness results in decreased levels of vaginal secretions, which brings in discomfort to both the partners indulged in the act.

How to use ?

1. Open the bottle.
2. Gently squeeze a few drops of Moods natural vaginal lubricant in the hand
3. Apply it on the interior & exterior part of the female genital.
4. If required, apply it on the male's private part
5. A lubricant may optionally be included and with a condom. Apply the lubricant on the condom.

Any side effects

Since the ingredients are highly body-friendly, we do not need to worry about the side effects of this  product. They do not cause any irritation or allergy.

Ingredients of Moods natural lubes

Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose
Propyl Paraben
Methyl Paraben
Citric Acid
Deionized water

The lube is water-soluble, hypo-allergenic and doesn’t stain.

Do not bring it closer to eyes. As stated above, they do not cause any allergy, but, in case you feel any irritation, cease using the moods lube.  Always store Moods lubes in a cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Moods lubes - review

Moods natural lube review are generally great. Having sold over 3k+ pieces of Moods natural lubes, Moods stands out tall among the water based lubricants with many 5 star reviews.

Moods natural lubes - 60 ml - Reviews

4.9 / 5





Very Good -
Very happy
Good service -
Online shopping at best.No complaints at all.Will recommend to others.
Excellent product -
Excellent product
great product -
very great product better from others must try is once
Excellent -
Everything was very easy, well organized website, excellent customer service.. Excellent in keeping the secret!! Very happy with shycart
Excellent service -
i m very satisfied to bought this product and pleasuring to use. very nice product and very useful for me. thanks to shycart.
satisfied -
satisfied, keep it up
Good Service -
Overall Good Service.
Excellent -
natural feeling....amazing it....
Good Service. -
Good Service.
Excellent -
Great service...satisfied...
Good service -
Excellent shopping experience
Good experience -
Good service, you guys need more ads to reach more people :)
Good service -
Good Work -
keep the good work up
Awesome product -
well satisfied....
Perfect! -
Perfect product, really very helpful, quick shipment. Easy to apply and use. who is looking to have natural feelings and easy way to have with their partners.
Best lube & feels like natural!... -
I and my girlfriend had our first sex and she didn't gets much pain as expected. This lubricates and relaxes the muscles so cool, that one can slide anything inside. Best for couples who want all the pleasure and no pain. Thanks for this product!. No irritation and feels like a natural lubricant. !! Enjoyed a lot with this product.Good for those who people who have problem of dryness at a time of sex...Very good product.
good -

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