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Moods natural lubes - 60 ml

Moods natural lubes is a personal lubricant to introduce additional fun to your bedroom. It helps to lessen the friction while having fun between the couples. It makes the private part more wet and eases the fun having moment.

About Moods

The premium lead brand of HLL Lifecare Limited, Moods items are made at HLL lifecare's cutting edge assembling plant. Intended to fulfill novel needs, they are accessible in an extensive variety of variations. States of mind is for those times when you don't simply express your craving yet demonstrate that you mind by giving delight that is genuinely fulfilling. States of mind as a brand is about sexual certainty acquiring an energizing closeness with your accomplice. It goes about as an impetus to reinforce connections between couples.


Product Description

Feel the atmosphere with Moods Natural lube for those deep and passionate moments of love. It is is a personal lubricant which is used during the act of sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between couples and turn on the heat. It makes the lovemaking smooth and more pleasureful.  Natural lube is the neutral flavour which is neither warm nor cool. It is ideal for any situation. 

How to Use

Squeeze 2-3 pumps of gel onto the private parts and rub gently.

Moods lube can be used with Moods condoms-smooth the lube over the condom when it’s already on.

Ingredients/Details of the product:


It contains Glycerin, Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid and Deionized water.

Natural herbal product.

The lube is water-soluble, hypo-allergenic and doesn’t stain.



Avoid contact with eyes. If you experience any irritation stop using the lube. If irritation continues or if an additional lube is needed all the time, see your physician.

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.

They are not contraceptives. If you are trying to conceive, consult your physician before using it.

Reviews (3)

Average Rating  4.3 Out of 5

Perfect!   [08-Mar-2017]
Perfect product, really very helpful, quick shipment. Easy to apply and use. who is looking to have natural feelings and easy way to have with their partners.
Best lube & feels like natural!...   [08-Mar-2017]
I and my girlfriend had our first sex and she didn't gets much pain as expected. This lubricates and relaxes the muscles so cool, that one can slide anything inside. Best for couples who want all the pleasure and no pain. Thanks for this product!. No irritation and feels like a natural lubricant. !! Enjoyed a lot with this product.Good for those who people who have problem of dryness at a time of sex...Very good product.
good   [29-May-2015]

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