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Menstrual cup - shecup - L type
Menstrual cup - shecup - L type

Menstrual cup - shecup - L type

Brand: Shecup


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Buy shecup menstrual cup L size which has the increased length of the stem including the pulling knob which 65mm.

The only Difference of Shecup L & Shecup regular is only the Increased length of the stem.

Shecup "L" type Length is 65 mm (Including Knob) while the regular shecup comes at the length of 59.5mm.

All the features of Shecup "L" type remain the same compared to the regular Shecup and differ only in the Length of the stem.

Shecup L Package contains:-

  • Shecup
  • Packet of Shecup Wipes
  • Shecup Pouch
  • Instruction Manual

Reviews (3)

Great experience -
It's an great experience. I would share with friends
Excellent service -
It was a great experience.. Do keep it up
Life changer -
I'm never going back to pads again. This is the best thing a woman could buy for herself. Every woman should use it. It stops sanitary pollution. No need of carrying extra pads and headache. Very scientifically done. Such a comfortable, no leakage, no odour and Eco-friendly substitute for regular sanitary pads. Don't feel like having periods anymore. Loved it. I would recommend it to who are still using sanitary pads.

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