Medela - Valves and Membranes
Medela - Valves and Membranes
Medela - valves and membranes

Medela - valves and membranes

Brand: Medela

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Extra valves and membranes for use with all Medela breast pumps and kits in a handy pack. Each pack contains 2 valves and 6 membranes.

Medela kits and accessories come with durable products which are very essential for the maintenance of breast feeding products.

Product Information:

The handy pack of Medela Valves and Membranes has two spare valves and six membranes which can be used as replacement parts of Medela breast pumps and kits. The accessories are versatile in nature to support variety of breast pump products.

What are the functions of Medela valves and membranes?

The Membranes regulate suction for breast pumps, also held together by Medela Valves. With regular use of your Medela Breast pumps, you should replace the membranes and valves every few months or when you find that the suction has reduced in power.

Extra features of Medela Extra valves and membranes?

The pack with comes with clear instructions on how to replace the components.    

 The additional parts are well designed for an easy to fit and use.


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