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LuminoGlow is lingerie that’s made for lovers. It says adore me, want me, even in the dark and it comes with free size!

Product Description:

LuminoGlow! The ultimate designer glow-in-the-dark lace lingerie with no shortage of sophistication, femininity and seductive appeal. By daylight, divine and daring. In the dark alluring and provocative. And there’s a little something extra that you normally wouldn’t expect to see with luxurious lingerie. Switch off the lights and your lover will be surprised.....

ourlingerie showcasesexquisite Italian glow-in-the-dark lace! Only the finest Italian fabrics have been sourced to complement the gorgeous lace that is the centrepiece of the Aurora collection.


How to make the lingerie glow in the dark?

Now to appreciate the glow in the dark effect, a little planning is in order, it’s not to be rushed at all. The glow in the dark lingerie needs to be activated by artificial light to make it glow. So leave the garments very close to a light, maybe a bedside lamp, for a good few minutes. Then turn off the lights so the room is pitch black and now you can see it, those beautiful, softlace wisps dancing in the dark.....enjoy

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