Buy KamaSutra Super Thin condoms online at Rs.120 in India | Best Ultrathin Condoms | shycart
Buy KamaSutra Super Thin condoms online at Rs.120 in India | Best Ultrathin Condoms | shycart
Kamasutra super thin condom 12s x 2

Kamasutra super thin condom 12s x 2

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Kama sutra super thin condoms are designed to stimulate the more natural and real sensation.

About Kamasutra super thin condoms

KamaSutra super thin condoms are designed to stimulate the more natural and real sensation. Nothing comes between the two of you and just the way it should be! The pack comes with ten ultra-thin premium condoms and its special logo is “Sense the real thing”. These condoms make the sexual intercourse closer and absolutely delightful. A lot of costumers get easily attracted to buying these condoms because the quality of the pleasure is more real than real. Kamasutra super thin condoms are also known as ultra thin condoms. These are extra thin condoms that are able to provide a more natural experience, as opposed to wearing normal condoms. These are one of the best ultra thin or super thin condoms in India in 2018. The tagline by Kamasutra for these super thin condoms is ‘Nothing should come between the two of you, Just the way it should be!’ These condoms are also known as last long condoms as they can extend the duration of pleasure.

What are the sizes of Kamasutra super thin condom?

Kamasutra super thin condoms come in standard size, which is 180 mm length and 53 mm width. So everyone can use Kamasutra ultra thin condoms. This is one of the most common doubts that people having sex for the first-time face. These ultra-thin condoms are made to ensure that the feeling gets as natural as possible. Kamasutra super thin condoms are preferred by most of the people as it’s the best in line-thinnest condoms available in India in 2018. Every man has to check with your suitable size before buying a condom because choosing the right condom sizes is important for your lovemaking sessions.

Kamasutra super thin condom price

The cost of Kamasutra super thin condoms or ultra thin condoms as it is also known is Rs. 120 for a pack of 12 pieces. The approximate price of a single Kamasutra super thin condom is Rs. 10. These can also be procured online at a special price from shycart sold as 2 packs each of 12 pieces Kamasutra super thin condoms at Rs. 235.

Kamasutra super thin condoms reviews

Some of our customer testimonials are these “Excellent… It really works well thin. Gives natural feeling…!” and “Superb product and nice feeling…” To read more such reviews and comments, please visit online store.

Buy Kamasutra super thin condoms online

Kamasutra super thin condoms can be purchased from any local pharmacy nearby. Or order them at for a discreet and private shopping experience. If you wish to purchase them in person, then you can visit our physical store in Adyar, Chennai to buy these Kamasutra super thin condoms.

About Kamasutra

Kamasutra is the second largest condom brand in India. Manufactured by J.K. Ansell Ltd, a joint venture between Raymonds Group and Ansell Limited. These condoms are manufactured in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India, with an annual production capacity of 350 million pieces. Kamasutra has a wide range of textured and other special types of condoms, namely Dotted, Ribbed, Contoured, LongLast, Superthin, Intensity, Smooth, Extra-large, Flared and flavoured cum scented condoms.

KamaSutra Super Thin Condom - Infographic

 kamaSutra Super Thin Condoms

Kamasutra super thin condom 12s x 2 - Reviews

5 / 5





Excellent service -
Very very fast delivery and perfect packaging
Perfect product! -
Feel that not wearing...good product... Thanks for privacy and fast delivery...
Excellent -
good service. -
Very innovative and good service.
V V V V V Good -
very happy with the product and the whole experience thank you.
Excellent -
Excellent service and beautiful packaging. The product delivery was also in perfect time. Hope to see this level of customer satisfaction maintained. Thanks for such an awesome service.
Feels like heaven ! -
Excellent... It really works well thin thin. Gives natural feeling...! My girlfriend like it so much...!
good -
100% satisfaction -
Superb product. New pack and timely delivered. Best pleasure....100% satisfaction.
Superb...! -
Bought It for the first time. Me and my girlfriend loved it. Superb product and Nice feeling.....

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