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Kamasutra Strawberry Lubes | Ks Flavoured Personal Lubricants | shycart
Kamasutra strawberry flavour lubes-100ml

Kamasutra strawberry flavour lubes-100ml

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Kamasutra Strawberry flavour Lubes

Sex should always be about pleasure rather than pain. Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubes knocks off the excess friction during sex to give you the most pleasurable experience! This premium personal lubricant by Kamasutra is certainly for anyone longs for pleasant moments of joy.

What are Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubes

Kamasutra Strawberry Lubes are strawberry flavoured lubricants that ease the excess friction caused during intercourse. This personal lubricant also provides new sensations and helps in getting rid of excess dryness in vaginal tissues. Penetrations can be a bit tough on the lady parts. But with the effective use of personal lubricant, each penetration can bring immense pleasures and wild temptations. With the use of lubricants, thrusting becomes more comfortable and pleasurable. Kamasutra Strawberry lubes can also be used to hype up the foreplay and make it more inventive. These strawberry flavoured lubricants spice up the usual sexual experience with the refreshing essence of strawberry. Loaded with sweetness, Kamasutra strawberry Flavoured lubes garnishes your taste buds with the tangy taste of strawberry.

Why should you use lubes?

Lubes are an effective way to overcome vaginal dryness. Vaginal dryness is the root cause of pains and aches during and after intercourse. During sexual stimulation, blood vessels dilate which makes the blood flow towards the genitalia. This flow of blood causes the release of secretions that acts as a natural lubricant. Now, the problem here is that sometimes this natural lubrication is just not enough. In other cases, the triggering of these natural lubrication requires a certain amount of time during arousals. Either way, the end result is vaginal dryness that could make your sexual experience uncomfortable. Being among the best lubes in India, Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubes gives the smooth and silky touch to your intimate parts. Strawberry lubes eliminate the friction between the genitals making your joyrides smooth and enjoyable.

What are the types of lubes?

Lubes are water based, oil based and silicon based. This product is categorized as water based. You would be astonished to know that water based lubes are considered to be the best lubes. They are user-friendly and works well with most of the latex condoms. These water based lubricants also act as a moisturizer for the vaginal tissues. The best part about personal lubricant is its compatibility with various sex toys. These personal lubricants can, therefore, be quite useful to pave a path towards blissful orgasms.

Why are lubes flavoured?

Lubes are flavoured to give a characteristic taste sensation in the game play of intimacy. Flavoured Lubes takes the lovemaking to a whole new dimension. People resort to flavoured lubes to make their foreplay more engaging and joyful. Most of the lubricants in India are flavoured to give enhanced sexual experiences and with a pinch of luscious fresh flavour, you can have some mesmerizing moments of sensual seductions.

How to buy lubes online?

There’s nothing more convenient than buying lubes online from the comforts of your home. And now you can buy lubes online in India at Shycart – the best place to buy lubes online in India. Just order the Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubes 100ml and be assured of your privacy. Shycart assures discretion in the packing and delivery of your products.

Product features

• Personal lubricant
• Strawberry flavoured
• Water based lubes
• Easy to use



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Kamasutra strawberry flavour lubes-100ml - Reviews

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Good experience -
Appreciate efficiency of your process.. Packing was really as promised..Delivery was fast and through reputed courier.
Good work -
Good collection of products, great delivery time, very discreet packaging. Good work guys!
Excellent -
Excellent shopping experience
Amazing -
Excellent shopping experince
Amazing product -
Excellent shopping experince
No strawberry fragrance. But a good lubricant. -
Doesn't smell like strawberries, but is a nice lubricant.
Amazing delivery -
Good collection of products, great delivery time, very discreet packaging. Good work guys!
Worth every penny -
Good collection of products, great delivery time, very discreet packaging. Good work guys!

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