KamaSutra longlast spray online in India | Climax delay spray online | shycart
KamaSutra longlast spray online in India | Climax delay spray online | shycart
Kamasutra longlast spray pack of 2

Kamasutra longlast spray pack of 2

Brand: KamaSutra

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Kamasutra longlast spray Sizzle up your lovemaking as you last long and strong with this ejaculation delaying spray

Kamasutra longlast spray

Kamasutra longlast spray is mainly used by couples to last much longer in the bed. Usually, this extra time is achieved by using a regular climax delay condom. Climax delay or extra time or long last condoms contain a special climax delay lubricant, usually 5 % benzocaine. This climax delay lubricant allows for the partners to last longer in the bed and creates a delay in the climax. However, this is possible only with the usage of these climax delay condoms.

For those who wish to not use a condom, but still extend their duration of pleasure, Kamasutra longlast spray is the answer. Kamasutra longlast spray is mainly used by couples who want nothing between them, yet last longer in the bed. Kamasutra longlast spray is specially designed to improve and extend your lovemaking. Kamasutra longlast spray also offers smooth lubrication, allowing you and your partner to experience heightened excitement levels. The longlast spray will help you to go on for hours, extending and improving your pleasure levels.

About KamaSutra condoms

Kamasutra condoms is owned , manufactured and sold by JKAL (JK Ansell Ltd). JKAL is a 50:50 partnership between India’s leading garment manufacturer, Raymond Ltd and Ansell Ltd, which is a leader in protection solutions in continents like America, Europe and Asia. Kamasutra range of condoms was launched in the year 1991. Today, it is one of the leading condom brands in India. Kamasutra condoms also exports condoms to more than 40 countries across the globe.

Kamasutra condoms are available in various varieties, like dotted, ribbed, Extra time, super thin and flavoured condoms. Apart from the condom line of products, Kamasutra also has a wide range of deodorants, both for men and women.

How to use Kamasutra LongLast Spray

Kamasutra Longlast spray is very easy and simple to use. Always remember to shake the container well before usage. Keep the can at a distance of 5-6 cm and spray is 3 – 4 times. Repeat the process until the entire area is covered fully with the lubricant.

What is the Cost of Kamasutra LongLast Spray

The cost of Kamasutra Longlast spray online in India is Rs 400 for a pack of 2 cans. It roughly translates to Rs 200 for a single can of Kamasutra Longlast spray.

Where to purchase Kamasutra longlast spray ?

Kamasutra longlast spray can be purchased from all the pharmacy shops across India. However, it seems socially unacceptable for anyone to freely purchase these kinds of products in front of everyone. Even the shopkeeper, though he sells these products, is not very comfortable in showing all the various types available. To avoid all these embarrassment and awkwardness, you can easily purchase this Kamasutra LongLast spray with 100 % privacy from shycart online webstore. You can also visit shycart’s physical store which is located in Adyar, Chennai to buy these products.

Reviews of Kamasutra longlast spray

Many of the customers who bought this product have rated it 5 stars and have also left positive feedback about Kamasutra longlast spray. Some of them are “good product”, “best lubricant” and “Good experience”. To read more such comments and reviews, visit the product page on shycart of Kamasutra Longlast spray.

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