Buy silky sensational KamaSutra Aloe & VitaminE Lubricant at Rs 400 | shycart
Buy silky sensational KamaSutra Aloe & VitaminE Lubricant at Rs 400 | shycart
Kamasutra aloe & vitamin e flavour lubes-100ml

Kamasutra aloe & vitamin e flavour lubes-100ml

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Kama Sutra Aloe & Vitamin E personal lubricant is formulated with Aloe and Vitamin E for a smooth and silky sensation.

With the soothing effects of Aloe and the benefits of Vitamin E, get ready for a silky and smooth sensation of Kamasutra Aloe & Vitamin E Flavoured lubes! This water based lube comes in a 100l bottle at a very affordable price. Lubes helps you get rid of excessive dryness of the genitals and provides a comfortable sensual experience.

Natural Lubes are an effective means to get rid of genital soreness both during and after sex. The natural Aloe Vera flavour adds to the excitement during the entanglement of bodies. The vitamin E factor of this personal lubricant makes your delicate skin even softer and silkier than before. Vaginal soreness causes irritation and itching which can lead to discomfort. The feeling of unpleasantness across the genitalia can vastly affect your sex drive. Nothing should come between you and your sexual desires! Therefore to overpower this, it is necessary to have a healthy supply of personal lubricants.

Aloe Vera lube is one of the best natural lubricants that sensitize your pleasure spots. Applying personal lubricant before penetration gives an ample amount of lubing for consistent thrusts. Also, personal lubricants make foreplay interesting due to its variety of uses. For those who seek pleasure in anal sex, lubricants are a must. The flavour of Aloe Vera is also favourable for oral sex practices. Overall, this personal lubricant has what it takes to heighten your pleasure. With proper usage of this lubricant, your sweet spots will have such smoothness that a mere touch would be enough for chilling sensations.

This Kamasutra lube enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is a water based lubricant which means it goes perfectly well with nearly all latex products and sex toys. Touching yourself is even more pleasurable with the natural lube. So don’t wait for long and buy yourself this Kamasutra aloe & vitamin E flavoured lube at an affordable price today her at Shycart – your one-stop portal to buy lubricants online. Shycart assures discretion in the packing and delivery of products.

Product features

• Natural Aloe Vera flavour enriched with vitamin E
• Non- allergic lubrication
• Soothing sensations
• Reduces genital dryness

Lubricant - What is Lubricant?

Lube gives a greater glide during intercourse, making the intercourse more comfortable and pleasurable.

Lubricant Types

Lubes come in three basic types – water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based – all of which have different properties. Though lubricants can be made from water, oil and silicone, water based lube is your best bet. Water based lubes are generally considered most user-friendly and all-purpose of the three types. They don't deteriorate latex condom, so they're the best to be paired with condoms, dams, diaphragms, and other latex products.

Lubricant for Female

Using lubricant can be effective even when you don't have dryness in your genitalia. It boosts below-the-belt sensation and allows your man to thrust longer and harder without causing you discomfort.

More about Liquid Lubricants

For most people, water-based lubes are non-irritating, user-friendly, and easy to clean up. It's safe to be used with condoms (oil lubricant can cause latex condoms to deteriorate) -- water lubricant is the best condom lubricant; it's easily washed away and it won't stain your sheets.  Kama Sutra makes one of the best water based lubricants brands in India, which has Aloe Vera and Vitamin E as the main ingredients.

About KS AloeVera Water Lubricant

To give the best possible natural experience, KamaSutra has come up with this Water Lube, which has most of the ingredients being natural products. It mostly contains Water, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E. Aloe vera benefits the skin and Vitamin E will give a Smooth and Silky sensation. As it is also silicone free you will have a healthy and a sensational experience.


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