KamaSutra 4in1 Orgasmax 6 Condoms Online at Rs.100 | KamaSutra Orgasmax Condoms | shycart
KamaSutra 4in1 Orgasmax 6 Condoms Online at Rs.100 | KamaSutra Orgasmax Condoms | shycart
KamaSutra 4 in 1 Orgasmax Condoms pack of 6

KamaSutra 4 in 1 Orgasmax Condoms pack of 6's

Brand: KamaSutra

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KamaSutra Orgasmax Condoms pack of 6's. This is assorted condoms of Contoured, Ribbed and Dotted, Climax delay. condoms. Establish the pleasure levels to beyond your wildest dreams with Kamasutra OrgasMax condoms. These condoms are the exceptional 4 features in a single pack, such as Ribbed, Dotted and Contoured with Climax Delay. It will stimulate her wild with lust and it helps you delay your orgasmic pleasure. Type of all-in-one to ensure max pleasure. Dual-textured Orgasmax condoms enriched with active ingredient 4.5% Benzocaine lubricated.

KamaSutra Orgasmax 4-in-1 condoms

Can't recollect the time when you gave her orgasmic sex? A few surveys report that just 70% of women encounter fully satisfied amid sex. What's more, additionally narrowed it down that those women encounter orgasm one out of 3 experiences. No men experience troubles in accomplishing climax. Be that as it may, the act of physical intimacy doesn't end with men's fulfilment. You gotta fulfil your lovemaking partner for which Kamasutra has unveiled another condom variant that is designed to have orgasmic sex each time you have intercourse with your queen. Of course, it is. Kamasutra's Orgasmax is an uncommon condom variation that is manufactured to aid men and women appreciate and accomplish orgasmic sex whenever and without fail. 

It comforts the couples by helping them to discover the unexplored realms of the euphoric world and experience most extreme delightful levels. Kamasutra Orgasmax condoms have special 4-in-1 pleasurable highlights that are found out to ignite her wildly, moan in titillating stimulation and gasping for her breathe int the breathtaking and amazing climax. The condom has ribbed, contoured, dotted and climax delay attributes - sort of 4-in-1 to ensure extend the joy for you. You can go frolic on your romantic night and make her moan in delight with each dunk in and out as the condom can give her throbbing pleasure, as it can reach to the erogenous spots deep inside her. 

Break the effectively set pleasure and expectation levels with KamaSutra OrgasMax 4-in-1 condoms. Its unique 4-in-1 highlights will caprice her wild with lust and help you delay your orgasm. Ribbed, Contoured, Dotted and with Climax Delay characteristics – it has everything so you can give your best to her!

The Dual textured Kamasutra Orgasmax condoms enhanced with active ingredient Benzocaine 4.5%. The 4-in-1 features are

  • Ribbed
  • Dotted
  • Contoured
  • Climax Delay

Product Information: KamaSutra Orgasmax Condom

Texture: Dual Textured Condom

 Colour: Pink Lubricated Condoms

 Lubricants: 4.5% Benzocaine lubricated

 Types: Dotted and Ribbed, Climax Delay, Contoured

 Condom Size: Length -180mm | width - 53+/-2mm

 Quantity: 6 Orgasmax Condoms

KamaSutra 4 in 1 Orgasmax Condoms pack of 6's

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