Buy I can pregnancy home test kit online India for Rs.50 | I can test kit in India | shcyart
Buy I can pregnancy home test kit online India for Rs.50 | I can test kit in India | shcyart
I-can pregnancy test kit pack of 3

I-can pregnancy test kit pack of 3

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i-can is a pregnancy checking test kit that involves just a single step and holds one strip. It also contains a disposable dropper. The disposable dropper works similar to an ink filler to place the urine droplet on the test strip.Piramal health care, being a honcho in the women's health care industry launched i-can pregnancy test kit for women to help them detect the pregnancy at an early stage with utmost accuracy. It has a single strip that provides almost 95% of accuracy in results. It is one of the best pregnency kits brands available in India online. It defeats the purpose of going to a laboratory and getting the tests done. Instead, it helps to be tested at home.

Pregnancy detection kit

Many women find themselves judged when they wish to undertake a pregnancy test. Keeping this in mind only, big pharmaceutical companies have developed these pregnancy detection kits, which can be used at home itself to find out if one is pregnant or not. One can purchase these pregnancy test kit online from shycart.

I-can pregnancy test kit

Many people nowadays wish to have their pregnancy tests done at their home itself. Not only is it fast and convenient, but it also removes the social stigma these people face while undergoing these tests in a nearby hospital or lab. Since it is not possible to purchase those testing machines at home, pharmaceutical companies have created these self-test pregnancy kits, which allow women to test if they are pregnant or not by simply testing for HCG content in their urine. These kits are called as pregnancy test kits and the most popular one is the I can or i-can pregnancy test kits. These are manufactured by Piramal Healthcare, one of the leading medical brands in India.

How to use I can pregnancy test kit

Usage of I can pregnancy test kit is very simple. For best results, the first urine sample of the day is preferred. Once the urine sample is collected, simply use the provided dropper in the kit and press few drops into the marked slot of the strip. There are two markings, namely C and T. If pink lines appear across both letters, then the test result is positive. If only one pink line appears across C, then test results are negative. In case no lines appear at all, then the used sample is invalid and the test will not work.

When is the best time to do pregnancy test

It is highly recommended to test the pregnancy with the first urine sample of the day. It is mainly because of the higher concentration of HCG in the first urine.

How to check pregnancy test at home

The urine sample is to be collected in a clean, dry container and dropped with the dropper on the test device. If there are two lines shown below C & T,  it indicates POSITIVE, which confirms PREGNANT. If there is only one line shown below C & T,  it indicates NEGATIVE, which implies the person is NOT PREGNANT. If there are no lines shown,  it indicates INVALID, which implies the sample collected is NOT VALID.

How early can I take a pregnancy test

When periods get missed for the first time, test can be performed a few days after the missed period.

How long will it take to know the result?

I-can pregnancy test kit detects results as soon as the urine droplet is placed in the slot provided.

Pregnancy Test kit price

There are many pregnancy test kits available online in India. Some of the popular ones are i-can pregnancy test kit by Piramal Healthcare and Prega News from Mankind. The cost of Pregnancy kits is Rs.50 (Both i-can and Prega news) for a single kit. However, i-can is also available in a pack of three and that costs Rs.150. These can be purchased discreetly from shycart.

I-can pregnancy test kit pack of 3 - Reviews

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Excellent service -
Absolutely impressed by your service. Fast and convenient shopping experience for me. Above all, I totally bypassed the questioning, judgemental and awkward gaze of store owners. Bought pregnancy test kit online. Though I am a married woman yet people don't spare us.
Excellent service 😇😇😇 -
Shipping very fast...A lot very very very very very thanks for team shycart.
Good product -
The service is Good.
👌👌👌👌👌 -
Excellent product. This strip is awesome. It showed exact results for me. Product reached on time, It was well packed.
Good product -
Gives very accurate result and well packed.
I love Shycart. It has helped me with the privacy of buying things which i can't personally go and buy it in the stores. I would love to have more shopping experience with shycart. And yes! It would be good if you add up more items in the future. Good work guys. Keep it going.
Simply the BEST!!!!! -
I Can test kit was a very helpful to used for self-test. I could take in the privacy of my home. The process of taking the test was very simple. Guess what? The result was just what I was expecting…I was pregnant!!!!!
Just Perfect -
The guidance in the pack made the test so simple. I got more information on the Shycart website, the specialists on the website helped clear my all doubts too. Thank you soo much, I can for making this procedure so simple for me.....
Very fast results!! -
I am extremely happy that we can use i-can to avoid any complication. I was clever to take this simple test and relieve myself of all the doubts in my head.
nice experience -
shy cart has done a grt job by shipping the kit timely

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