Gogirl pack of 2
Gogirl pack of 2
Gogirl pack of 2

Gogirl pack of 2

Brand: gogirl

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What is Go Girl? 

Go Girl is popularly known as Female Urinating Device. This is a device which allows women to urinate while standing. It has always been nightmare for the ladies to sit and use the public toilets . Go Girl is the solution for this. Magic of women peeing like men is through Go Girl

Why should it be used? 

Go Girl is the most simplest solution you can get to stand and pee for a women in any place without fearing the germ. This is Silicon based reusable product.Go Gril is made of a patented splash free material. Best of all , it is so small to fit in your purse! 

How to use ? 

Use you fingers to hold the Go girl like a funnel near your body and away from your feet. Hold it like holding a glass by its rim! as simple as that! You can urinate into it and into the closet without squatting or sitting on the seat! To be more comfortable in using it outside or in public toilets, please try it at your own bathroom! 

Who can use? 

From small school girls who are going on excursions , girl scouts going on camp tours ,  young women traveling outside on office tours , moms on shopping trips  , to elderly ladies who are unable to walk every time to use the loo. 

Is it reusable ? 

Yes! We are go girl and go green! You can clean the go girl and reuse it. Wash and dry it and use it again storing it in the Go Girl tube. You can drop it in a bowl of boiling water and shake it dry and use it as many time as you want! 

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