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Eco femme day pad - single
Eco femme day pad - single

Eco femme day pad - single

Brand: Eco Femme


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Friendly durable cloth pads

Ecofemme clothpads are alternative to disposable pads.It is a reusable and Washable cloth pad a new version of traditional practice.It gives more comfort than the disposable pads


How to clean the cloth Pads?

1. After Each use, soak the pads in a small pail filled with cold water. when two more pads are in the pail, throw away the water.

2.Refill the pail again and leave them to soak overnight.This way, about 70-80% of the blood is drained from the cloth pads.
3. Next morning take the pads out from the pail and wring them to remove the remaining blood.

Note:You don't get any stinky smell while washing.Because usually the smell occurs due to mix of menstrual blood with disposable sanitary pads.
4. Then the cloth pads are thrown into the washing machine along with your day wash. Then dry it.
5. To remove the old strains, wash it 3more times when it is not in use.

Ideal for average flow days. Made of cotton flannel on the outside and ultra absorbent cotton flannel layers inside and leakproof layer.

All pads feature nickel free press buttons for securing pads around panties and will last 5 years or more with care.

Colours and prints used in cloth may vary from those shown in the images.

Our most popular pad!
Ideal for average flow days. 23cm length x 7cm width when


Reviews (3)

First try -not bad -
Except the washing part -cloth feels way better!
Excellent -
Another environment friendly option . the pads are easy to clean. now with eco femme pads and the she cup I do not have any menstrual waste to dispose and I am happy that I am doing this bit for our planet.
Great way to avoid pads and do our bit for the planet -

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