Durex Pleasure me condoms
Durex Pleasure me condoms
Durex pleasure me - 3s - pack of 3

Durex pleasure me - 3s - pack of 3

Brand: Durex

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Pleasure Me The extraordinarily situated ribs and raised specks upgrade incitement for you and your accomplice. Durex Pleasure Me condoms can guarantee incitement for you and your accomplice. The extraordinarily outlined shape with exceptionally situated ribs and raised specks. These ribs are put at the base of the condom to make clitoral incitement. The exceptional way we make Durex Pleasure Me condoms implies they notice better. So there are no upsetting diversions, and you can simply unwind and appreciate.


Durex is there in the business of sexual health and well being with 97 years of experience in increasing the intimacy of couples. Durex claim to know the in and out of the bedroom intricacies now with just a few years left to a century. Durex condoms are of international standards which are dermalogically tested and approved by the highest standards.

In spite of the fact that Feel Thin is nearest to wearing nothing regardless it gives the same abnormal state of consolation and insurance, they're molded to be less demanding to put on and give a smooth fit and feeling amid sex. The exceptional way we make these condoms implies they notice better so there are no upsetting diversions, you can simply unwind and appreciate.

For optimal security the product should be placed in a cool dry place away from sunlight.





Durex has more than 97 years of experience of assembling condoms. So its safe to say that each and every one is the result of a procedure that is attempted and tried.

That begins with the uncovered rudiments. Thus, every one of our condoms utilize just the finest quality crude materials.

At that point, each is tried electronically, with tests from each cluster likewise swelled with air to test their quality.

Universal benchmarks request that a condom can contain 18 liters of air in this 'air burst test'. A Durex condom will normally extend to hold 40 liters of air without blasting. (Only one case of us meeting overall wellbeing quality measures – as well as surpassing them.)


Test condoms are likewise loaded with water to verify they don't spill. (To be erring on the side of caution, we lead around two million of these water tests every month.)

All condom sorts are likewise dermatologically tried.

Truth be told, if one specimen doesn't breeze through any of our tests, the entire cluster of up to 432,000 condoms doesn't leave the production line.

Presently, and additionally pushing the limits of item testing, we are likewise continually undertaking examination ventures – searching for better approaches to enhance our items or spotting new patterns in sexual conduct that may prompt entire new item territories.

This implies that we have gathered a goldmine of data that is frequently counseled by wellbeing services, clinics, researchers, scholastics and other sexual wellbeing bodies.

So… there you have it; the best procedures, making the best items, upheld by the most astute considering.

Possibly that is the reason a huge number of individuals over the world trust Durex.



Durex Pleasure Me condoms can ensure stimulation for you and your partner. The specially designed shape with uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots.

These ribs are placed at the bottom of the condom to create clitoral stimulation.

The special way we make Durex Pleasure Me condoms means they smell better. So there are no unpleasant distractions, and you can just relax and enjoy.

To keep them at their best, store these condoms in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

For more information on any Durex products, contact our customer care line 0124-4028222

  • Nominal width 53mm?
  • Nominal height 180mm
  • Transparent, lubricated and teat ended?
  • Easy On shape?
  • 100% electronically tested

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Works well -
Haven't had any issues with the product till date
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Really Good...
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Good service.
extra pleasure condom -
My partner and I use these! although natural feels better I find these are great for a little extra pleasure. It provides extra stimulation to the woman during sex

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