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Buy Durex Play Vibrating Ring Online india | Durex Play Vibrations India | shycart
Durex play vibrations (vibrating ring)

Durex play vibrations (vibrating ring)

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Durex play rings are vibrator powered silicone based rings that are created to add the sensual pleasure to the couples. Play rings are vibrating rings to trigger the hot spots between the partners. Relationships that lasts for a longer time naturally brings in its own boredom to the bed. By providing different and all-exciting tickling pleasure and great sensation to the couples, they offer vibration at targetted spots to induce the sensual pleasure. Check out Durex play vibrating rings online at best quality and add the required fun to your bedroom.

Why are Durex Play rings used?

Play rings are used to induce more tickling sensation between the partners. These rings are created to beat the dull feeling created due to the routine activities and the feeling of "nothing-more-to-experiment" mode. Also, when a couple actively gets started with their sexual life, it is the moment they explore a lot of stuff for themselves. Durex play rings are extremely helpful for these cases.

What is contained in Durex play vibration rings?

The vibration ring contains a

1. A wearable ring shaped accessory which is made of health-grade silicone.
2. A small vibrator with an on/off switch.

The vibrator is moulded with the battery.

How does Durex play ring work?

There is an on/off switch on the vibrator. The vibrating pleasure will get triggered when the switch on button is switched on. The
vibrator that is contained in the play ring will vibrate itself and the vibration gets passed to the silcone ring. When worn, the
pleasure gets spread out on the male genitalia, when worn. 

Who can use Durex Play rings?

 Almost any party can use Durex Play vibrating rings.

1. Newly married
2. Couples who feel boredom.
3. Couples who wish to explore new and exciting ways to add fun.
4. Men who have erectile dysfunction. ** Not a complete cure though.

FAQs about Durex vibrating rings

Check out the frequently asked questions about Durex play Vibrating rings.

How long will the vibration work? 

The vibrator will last for 20 minutes. The battery of the vibrator is created in such a way to last for 20 minutes.

Should it be used with a condom ? 

It is completely up to the partners to decide whether to use it with or without the condoms. Condoms are worn to prevent unwanted
pregnancies and Sexually transmitted diseases. If used with a condom, The rings should be worn first and on top of it, the condoms
should be worn.

Are the batteries replacable?

No, the batteries are not replacable. They are moulded and hence cannot be removed / changed.


Price of Durex play vibrations ring is Rs.400. shycart helps in delivering best quality Durex play rings with Concealed packaging.

How to Use Pleasure Rings?

1. Open the pack of durex play rings
2. Stretch the bottom part / elastic part of the ring to a little to accomodate/ place it on the male genital.
3. Place it comfortably and possibly to move the fingers swiftly on the On / Off button
4. If required, wear a condom on top of it.
5. Switch on the vibrator using the simple On/ Off button.
6. Try different positions and location to experiment and induce different sensations.

Are there any side effects?

There are absolutely no side effects with the product as such. However, it is advised to use play rings optimally in order to avoid
any addiction to the pleasure. Without which, it would be tough for both the partners to re-live the tickling pleasure during sex.

Does it help to cure any erection issues / premature ejaculation?

20% of the men use vibrating rings for premature ejaculation since it holds the blood in the penis for quite a long while.

Can this be used daily?

It can be used daily. But, please be very cautious about the usage on the daily basis since it might affect the general pleasure
without using the vibrators.



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