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Durex Extra Time Condoms 10s
Durex Extra Time Condoms 10s

Durex Extra Time Condoms 10s

Brand: Durex

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Durex Extra Time Condoms are specially designed for climax delay. These condoms contain a special climax control lubricants. This is called Benzocaine, which helps men to delay climax. 100% dermatologically and electronically tested. These condoms have been used both as a method of birth control and as a protective measure against pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Infections.


Recently, Durex company has renamed the Durex extended pleasure condom as the Durex Extra Time Condom so the Durex Extra Time Condoms and Durex extended pleasure condoms both are the same product.

About Durex:

Durex is the No.1 safest condom brand in the world. The brand name was launched in 1929. DU-RE-X is standing for "Durability, Reliability and Excellence. More than 90 years of experience, It is trusted by billion of lovers around the world, daily. In 2007, Durex production was stopped in the UK and production has moved to China, India and Thailand. Durex doesn't just meet worldwide condom standards, it exceeds them, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have. The special way Durex make condoms means they smell much better and will invite you to experience more passion. You try to buy Durex condoms online as the brand delivers the royal sexual feel, which users can realize while using it. Durex providing the best quality and varieties of a latex condom. This brand also provides other sexual wellness products like Sex toys, Vibrating Rings and Lubes, etc.

Durex Extra Time Condoms – Product Information:

Colour: Transparent
Texture: Plain
Shape: Straight walled shape
Lubrication: Benzocaine Lubricated (Special climax control lubricant)
Condom Size: Length 180 mm (min) and Width: 53 ±2 mm (Standard Size)
Quantity: 10 condoms
Usage: For single use only

Durex Extra Time Condom's Features

  • Clean Scent
  • Climax Delay Lubricated
  • Naturally Soft
  • Perfect Lubrication
  • Pleasurable Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Durex Extra Time Condom work?

Durex extra time condoms contain a special lubricant. That is called as Benzocaine. This Benzocaine lubricant to ensure most extreme pleasure for the receiving partner. Extra time condoms are perfect for the young couples that need support matching both of their needs. They feature a body heat-activated, desensitizing 5% delay lubricant on the inside for him, which helps to prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting enjoyment and delay climax. Who is suffering from early climaxing, try to use extra time condom that helps men to last longer.

What are the best Extra Time Condom brands available in India?

Every condom brands have multiple climax delay condoms like Durex extra time condoms, Durex extended pleasure, Skore not out climax delay condom, Moods all night, KamaSutra long last condom, Kohinoor extra time condom and Skore timeless climax delay condom, Carex power shot condoms and more other brands.

What are the best Extra Time Condoms?

Are you one of those men which appear to have trouble lasting in bed? Don’t worry about this! A lot of other men out there are in the same situation. Obviously, everyone needs to help to what extent they last in bed. As a man, the longer you keep going, the extra pleasure you receive out of it, at the same time female, well, she needs you to last a decent amount of time too! If you are a man looking to climax delay, or maybe a woman looking to guarantee the man in her life keeps going longer in bed, buy Benzocaine Condoms like extra time condom.

Top 10 extra time condoms

1. Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms
2. Skore Not Out Climax Delay Condoms
3. KamaSutra LongLast Condoms
4. Moods Allnight Condoms
5. Kohinoor Xtra Time Condoms
6. Playgard Super Dotted Chocolate Flavoured Condoms
7. Manforce Staylong Orange Flavoured Condoms
8. Moods Silver Electrify Condoms
9. Skore Timeless Climax Delay Condoms
10. Carex Power Shot Condoms

What is the size of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Every man has to check with your suitable size before buying a condom because of choosing the right condom sizes is the main thing for your lovemaking sessions. Condoms have different sizes like small, medium, large and extra large. In India, almost all the condoms sizes are of a single standard sizing including Durex Extra Time Condoms. So the Size of Durex Extra Time condom is 180 mm(length) and 53 ±2 mm(width).

What is the price of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time Condoms are available in two different packs such as 3's and 10's. Durex Extra Time Condom 3's pack price is Rs.60 and 10's pack price is Rs.180. Average, per piece of Durex Extra Time Condom price is Rs.18.

Where can I buy Durex Extra Time Condoms in India?

Condoms are widely available in all medical shops. You can purchase condoms from medical stores. If you feel shy to go to a medical shop, you can always visit our store located in Chennai. We have a wide variety of options and unlike medical shops, you don't have to be shy with us.

Or, just check out Shycart, we have a broad variety of options and unlike medical shops and pharmacies, you don't have to be shy with us. It's an easy and a simpler option would be to place an order online in our website, which will be delivered to you in a discreet pack in next 2-7 business days with 100% privacy.

Can I reuse Durex Extra Time Condom?

No, Durex Extra Time Condoms are designed for a single use only.

What is the shape of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time condom shape is a straight walled shape.

What is the colour of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time condom colour is Transparent.

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Excellent product
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Super quality....Amazing experience...Full satisfied for my partner and me. I Love this product...
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very nice my time increased. Wonderful product. It's worthy, no side effect.....
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amazing experience..super quality priduct....loved it..
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Truly an extended pleasure...good service...Extremely Satisfactory.
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Awesome! fulfills the extra time
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Enhances experience.Nice quality & privacy also very very good. keep it up.
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Amazing product !
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Excellent product
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Completly discreet. Super quality product...extremely happy...
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Good service...Good quality product..I love Durex...
Highly recommended products -
Super quality...nice one for climax delay...my partner love it...It gives more pleasure...

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