Buy Durex excite me dotted condoms online India at Rs.180 | Durex dotted condoms | shycart
Buy Durex excite me dotted condoms online India at Rs.180 | Durex dotted condoms | shycart
Durex excite me

Durex excite me

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Durex Excite Me condoms ensure improving your love. Pleasure guranteed for you & your partner with strategically placed raised dots. Specially designed in the Durex Excite Me, the shape has uniquely located raised dots & ribs for the sole purpose of providing more excitement & protection while making love with an improved sex life. This Durex Excite Me condom promises you & your partner complete excitement.

Durex Excite Me (Durex Extra Dotted Condom):-

Durex Excite me, or more commonly referred as Durex Dotted condoms, are quality dotted condoms that are specially designed to enhance the experience of passion making. These dotted condoms have these dots present around them, just to increase the excitement and sensation. This is done by the extra friction created by those dots, which in turn, brings out an even deeper sexual response from both the partners. Also, these dotted condoms come lubricated with a special lubricant, which allows the partners to enjoy the experience completely, without any discomfort. Durex excite me condoms were formerly known as Durex Sensation condoms.

About Durex

Durex is one of the leading brands of condom manufacturing in the world. Based out of UK, the term “DUREX” is an abbreviation for DUrability, REliability, and eXcellence. In India, the brand became more popular after Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh endorsed the brand recently. However, owing to the growing markets, Durex has stopped production of condoms in the UK and has moved out its production units to India, China, and Thailand. Durex is really famous for its range of ultra-thin latex condoms, the only brand offering several types and products in the ultra-thin lineup.

How to use the Durex Excite Me condom

  • Tear the wrapper open from the serrated edge.
  • After ejaculation and while the penis is still erect, the condom must be held firmly in place at the base of the penis before withdrawal.
  • Then just take it off, wrap it in a tissue and put it in the bin. 

What is the size of Durex Excite Me condom?

Durex Excite me dotted condoms are designed to suit all the men out there and these are the specifications of the dotted condom. Its length is 205 mm and its width is 52 mm. These dotted condoms are made from pure latex material and are teat ended in shape. Also, Durex Excite me condoms are lubricated with a special Non-Spermicidal lube.

Cost of Durex Excite Me Condom 

In India, The price of Durex excite me dotted condoms is Rs. 180 for a pack of 10 pieces. It means that these premium dotted condoms from the house of Durex is priced only at Rs. 18 per piece.

Durex Excite me reviews

“Great product for her pleasure”, “I liked it”, “One of the best condoms”, etc are some of the great reviews and feedback about these Durex excite me dotted condoms. To read more such Durex Excite Me reviews and comments, do visit the product page on shycart’s online store.

Durex excite me - Reviews

4.8 / 5





Nice -
it was quick, good response from shycart, thanks a lot
Good -
Thank ur site was helpful.
High Quality -
Best of all the brands!!! Great product for her pleasure. Happy, after purchase from Shycart.
Good -
I liked it
Goof -
Excite me -
My hubby and me have been together for three years and during this time we have used a lot of condoms. One of the best condoms suggests for the Durex excite me condoms.These lovely little-raised dots covering the surface gives ultimate experience to me and my hubby. it is possible for the female to feel the dots more as I found it

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