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Buy Digital Basal Thermometer Online India | Basal Body Thermometer India| Shycart
Digital basal thermometer

Digital basal thermometer

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Know the best time to get pregnant. Buy Digital Basal Thermometer, which allows a female to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature (BBT) charting purposes. Designed specifically for fertility charting, the digital basal thermometer combines pinpoint accuracy with safety and ease of use. Basal body temperature is body’ lowest temperature while at rest. It is ideally measured before getting out of bed or after at least three hours of sleep. The best fertile days of women are at the time of ovulation. There is an increase in body temperature due to the ovulatory phase. Therefore, the difference in degree temperature during normal days and ovulation days form the basis of this method of determining ovulation. It is an effective way to determine the best days for successful conception.Buy digital basal thermometer online India, It is high precision digital thermometer that records changes in one tenth of a degree temperature. It also offers charting function as well as memory recall and beeps at peak temperature.

About Digital Basal Thermometer

Digital Basal Thermometer allows a woman to determine her body temperature for basal body temperature charting purposes. Extremely high accuracy is critical for such a device. The Digital basal thermometer is an of the device and is designed specifically for effective fertility charting as it combines pinpoint accuracy with ease of use and 100% safety. Now available India, buy Digital Basal Thermometer online, Our digital basal thermometer provides temperature readings to 1/100th of a degree Fahrenheit, perfect for fertility charting and predicting ovulation. Because consistency and accuracy are critical, the thermometer also offers helpful charting functions, such as a peak temperature indicator and digital memory recall. By taking a reading each every morning, you can determine when ovulation is likely occurring.The thermometer informs you with a helpful tone when it registers the peak temperature.

What is Basal Temperature?

Basal temperature is a lowering normal body temperature of a person immediately upon waking in the morning, measured after a restful night's sleep but before getting out of bed and at the same time every morning. Accurately Track Your Ovulation Cycle a slight increase in basal temperature indicates ovulation or fertility. Since ovulation ordinarily happens only once during each menstrual cycle, charting basal temperature can be helpful in determining when this occurs. Try to buy digital basal thermometer online India, This basal thermometer recalls your last reading. It also comes with a helpful 12-month supply of ovulation charts so you can track your cycles.

Understanding ovulation

Successful pregnancy is dependent on various factors; a however fundamental step for conception is the released ova from the ovary sac this is known as ovulation. During this ovulatory phase, the levels of oestrogen and progesterone increase sharply.   In particular, the higher level of progesterone causes the rise in basal body degree after ovulation. 


These hormones help to build a sperm friendly environment. They create a supply of nutrients, fluids for an oxygen rich endometrium (lining of the uterus) preparing for the fertilisation of the egg.  The egg release from the ovaries is triggered by Luteinizing hormone.  The egg remains in the fallopian tube for 24 hours. However, sperm can be alive up to 5 days.  This makes ovulation prediction important for successful conception and plans the appropriate time for intercourse.  If fertilisation does not occur the endometrium is shed in the form of menstrual flow.

Know the signs to get pregnant

Around the time of ovulation, Women body undergoes series of changes first being the change in basal body temperature. That is during non ovulating days body’s condition is around 99 degrees but ovulation increases temperature. However, there are other signs that also hint at ovulation. One needs to be very observant to realise these changes:

  1. Cervical mucus changes to become more in volume and density.
  2. Breast tenderness, it can take many forms like pain or discomfort.
  3. Changes in cervical position take place during the ovulatory phase, that is cervix becomes Softer, higher and more open.
  4. Approximately during the time of ovulation, women might experience dull pain on the lower side of the abdomen that may last for few minutes or more varying for different individuals.

Twin benefit

Although basal body temperature is used to determine ovulation period for conception. It also used to avoid pregnancy. That is determination post-ovulatory phase, where there is no ovum present for fertilisation. Around this time temperature drops or remains stagnant. Moreover. It is known that a sperm can live up to 5 days or more, thus it is necessary to determine the ideal time for conception or to avoid the same.  Also, this way woman can reduce taking medications to avoid conception as it may disrupt the natural hormone cycle. Now you can buy digital basal thermometer online India.

How to take the basal body temperature?

  1. It is better to take the basal body temperature at least after three hours of continual sleep.
  2. Take the temperature after waking up in the morning.
  3. Make a graph with dates and the temperature.
  4. After several months you can able to find out the ovulation days and it comes in handy to get pregnant

Product Features

1. A tool for natural family planning. Test your basal body temperature each morning using this thermometer to help find when ovulation is occurring.

2. Peak-temperature indicator sound.

3. Temperature display with memory recall of last reading

4. Quick 60-second readout with clinical accuracy to a 100th of a degree
5. 12-month supply of ovulation charts
6. Includes storage case and replaceable LR41 long-life battery.
7. Extremely high accuracy and the quality of this thermometer.


Product specification:

  1. Includes replaceable battery and ovulation charts.
  2. Display - Liquid crystal display.
  3. Battery - 1.5 Volt and  Life – 100 hours(continues operation)
  4. Range – 86.6°F – 109.4°F
  5. Weight – 10.5gram.

Customer Reviews:

I am very much pleased with this product. It works fine especially with the memory recall that stores previously measured temperature.

It beeps nice and clears very much reliable.

This product has allowed me to monitor my menstrual cycles effectively.

Digital basal thermometer - Reviews

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Satisfied -
I m satisfied with the products u had sent me
Accurate reading -
This is good product very accurate. Awesome product!
Absolute result -
It's a very excellent product. Works well....Very happy with this purchase.....
Exact temperatures -
Works as needed for a best price and good quality.
Best product -
Awesome product! -
Excellent Product to track lady's basal body temperature which measures 1/100th of degree and accurate to calculate make basal charts, Very easy to use. Must have Product for every female...
Accurate result -
It's a great product at the very good price. Detection and nice alarm system. Accurate temp.
Great Product, No issues -
Great Works. Accurate and reliable. wish I would have splurged for one with a light. Thought it wouldn't matter but it would be helpful. It takes up to two minutes to get a reading. I keep it right next to my bed. The readings are up to the hundredth. They seem accurate to me. I get different numbers often as opposed to the same preset numbers on other thermometers. Great price and works well! Would highly recommend!
Great Thermometer -
I bought it online from Shycart, I started using this product with the ovia app, and I'm not 6 weeks pregnant. So I'd say it works very well.
awesome product so accurate... -
I like this thermometer because it is very easy to use and accurate to calculate make basal charts. I also like that it beeps when the temperature is ready so you don't have to count the time to remove it. It's a very excellent product. Must have Product for every woman.

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