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Dermawear women's tummy reducer
Dermawear women

Dermawear women's tummy reducer

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How does Dermawear tummy reducer help to reduce tummy?

Tummy reducer is skin friendly hence does not cause any allergic reactions. This an imported product. Shape wear do not lead to sweatIing and it is very comfortable to wear even during summer. The shaping underwear is light weight so that wearer’s does not feel insecure. The shape wear is durable and washable. It reduces the external pressure and improves functioning of the lymph and venous circulation in body. It starts reducing and minimising the accumulation of inter-cellular extraneous material & excess fat. This helps to improve muscle tone and gain strength. Tummy reducer does not show the extra muscles on your waist and hips etc. This shaper immensely helps to flatten the Abdomen bulge.

Advantages of this shape wear

Tummy reducer is a compression garment with exact sizing mechanisim that help to ensure continuous reduction.  It reduces even the weaker abdomen muscles. When garments become loose, switch over to a lower size to ensure progressive reduction of your waist, hips & thigh areas. The fabric stretches in 4 dimensions resulting in utmost comfort.

What not to expect

Shape wear do not show any immediate reaction in wearer’s body. It takes atleast one to one and half month to feel the changes on your body. It will reduce 1 to 1.5 inch within the particular period. It is advisable to wear 8 hrs a day.


Mode of washing

  • Do not screw
  • D not iron
  • If hand wash dip and dry only
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry in shade
  • Do not use high detergent


Size Chart

Size     Small    Medium     Large    X-Large    XX-Large   XXX-Large
Inches     30-32     34-36     38-40     42-44      46-48      50-52
Cms.     75-80     85-90


   105-110    115-120    125-130

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