Clean and dry cream 15gm
Clean and dry cream 15gm

Clean and dry cream 15gm

Brand: clean and dry

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This first of its kind, FDA approved feminine intimate wash is our newest innovation. Launched in 2012. Clean and Dry Wash is part of a revolutionary range of products for feminine hygiene. Its natural formula has vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts. It protects and cleanses the vaginal area while maintaining the necessary pH balance. It restores discoloured skin, giving it a fair, glowing look. The gentle wash keeps away itching, irritation and other infections, giving all day freshness and confidence.
  • Keeps away infections, rashes, itching and even vaginitis
  • Special pH formula takes care of sensitive skin
  • Helps to stay hygienic

Clean And Dry Cream - 15gm

What is an intimate wash?

Intimate wash is a solution or cream especially for women to clean their private parts. It is a big secret for teens to keep their private parts to clean. So they can feel clean and dry.  Pregnant women also to keep their private parts hygiene. This wash makes them feel freshness throughout the day. Nowadays every school and office goers need Intimate wash regularly.

How to use Clean and Dry Cream?

Apply a small quantity of cream in your hand and apply it from front to back of your vaginal area. Between your toilet intervals. After dry clean the part. 

What does it contain?

Clean and Dry Cream is an expert hygiene wash product specially designed for a woman's intimate needs. Infused with vitamins and aloe vera gel extracts. helps maintain the pH balance of the Internal Part, prevents itchiness, irritation, dryness & leaves you feeling fresh all day long.

When it to use?

For good results, it can use as the daily routine for teenagers and pregnant women and every feminine during their toilet intervals.

When it not to use?

Don't use often. It 'll kill good as well as bad bacteria present in the vaginal area.

Is that Safe to use Clean and Dry Cream?

Intimate wash is good during infection. Doctors also prescribed for the vaginal infection. SO  use an intimate wash, to avoid the possibility of spreading the infection to other areas of the canal increases. Intimate wash keeps an adequate amount of good bacteria needed for the vagina.
Product details:
Type of packing: Tube with cream 
Brand of the product: Clean and Dry
Pack size: 15 g
pH value :3.5
Usage:  External Use 
Price of the Clean and Dry Cream is Rs. 190.

Items included in the package:

Single tube with cream 

About the brand?

Clean And Dry cream manufactured by Midascare is specifically designed for women. It helps them to sooth conditions of private areas. Clean And Dry is formulated to keep in mind feminine hygiene. It avoids Itching, wetness, White discharge.



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