Buy Carex Super Thin Condoms online at Low cost in India | Extra Thin Condoms in India | shycart
Buy Carex Super Thin Condoms online at Low cost in India | Extra Thin Condoms in India | shycart
Carex Super Thin Condom

Carex Super Thin Condom

Brand: Carex

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Carex condoms are specially designed for enhancing the pleasure in making love. Each condoms is lubricated, individually electronically tested and hermetically sealed to ensure unfailing quality.

Soak in your every move with carex super thin condom – A next to invisible cloak of protection liberating your raw passion and physicality. Feel nothing experience everything.

Carex super thin condoms

Carex super thin condoms or extra thin condoms are basically super thin condoms which are designed so that people do not compromise in their pleasure of lovemaking and also have protected sex. These ultra thin condoms are so thin, that it gives an almost bare feeling while using it. This allows the partners to indulge in increased feelings of sensuality. These skin thin condoms also ensure that it gives a real skin like feeling, creating more pleasure for both the partners.

Carex super thin condoms are not categorized as the regular condoms but fall under the ultra-thin condoms category. These extra thin condoms are pink in colour, so as to distinguish them from the regular thick condoms. Also, these skin thin condoms are lubricated so as to add more pleasure. The shape of carex super thin condoms is also contoured, so as to create a more natural and perfect fit.

About Carex

Carex range of condoms is manufactured by Karex Berhad, or more commonly known as Karex. In the beginning years, it was only a family business with a manufacturing capacity of 60 million condom pieces annually. Karex is based and operates mainly out of Malaysia. Today, they are one of the biggest condom manufacturers in the world, with a total capacity of 4 billion condom pieces annually.

Carex condoms are currently available in several varieties, namely assorted, collection, super thin, PowerShot, rough and tough super 3 in 1 and gold condoms.

Carex super thin sizes

Carex super thin condoms come in standard sizes, which is suitable for all men.

What is the cost of Carex super thin in India?

Carex super thin condoms are priced in India at Rs. 120 for a pack of 10 condoms. This means that the price of a single piece of condom Rs. 12. You can buy these super thin condoms from shycart online store.

Where to purchase Carex super thin condoms?

One can easily purchase condoms from any nearby medical store or pharmacies. But, there is a lot of embarrassment involved during the purchase process. If suppose there are some other people present in the shop, one who tries to buy these products get immediately judged. To avoid all these hassles, log on to shycart’s website and order with 100% privacy. Or, one can also drop by shycart’s physical medical store located in Adyar, Chennai and purchase these products and don’t worry, we will not judge you.

Carex Super Thin Condom - Infographic

Carex super thin condom reviews

Carex Super Thin Condom - Reviews

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