Buy Bella Super Plus Tampons 8s X pack of 3 Online India | Shycart
Buy Bella Super Plus Tampons 8s X pack of 3 Online India | Shycart
Bella super plus tampons 8s x pack of 3

Bella super plus tampons 8s x pack of 3

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Perfect absorbent tampon for average bleeding.
Super plus size is recommended for very heavy flow days.

Bella Super Plus Tampons 8's

Recommended for very heavy flow.

High quality, perfectly absorbent sanitary tampons Tampo Bella, guarantee maximum freedom and full protection. Its gentle cloth-like cover, a round head and a slender shape allow a comfortable insertion and provide maximum protection for your underwear. Non-chlorine bleached.

Bella Tampo Comfort

Perfectly absorbent tampon used with average bleeding will provide you with natural protection during these days. It's round head and slender shape make application easy and gives optimum protection of your underwear.

We have covered them thoroughly with an exceptionally gentle non-woven. It completely covers the tampon  therefore, prevents the release of separate fibres and provides comfort and safety while usage.

Tampo characteristics are:

slightly rounded top makes the tampon insertion easy, strings endings are knotted, delicate non-woven cover prevents the release of any free fibres, 8 ‘ribs' are created to obtain more cylindrical shape to better fit to the body.

Using tampo is a choice of the client. It assures the comfort of the user. Exercising, even swimming becomes a normal activity during these days. The discretion makes you self-confident during these days.

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