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Amielle comfort vaginal dilators
Amielle comfort vaginal dilators

Amielle comfort vaginal dilators


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What are vaginal dilators?

Vaginal dilators are one of the devices. Vaginal, sometimes called vaginism, vaginismus, and genito-pelvic pain disorder. This is tube-shaped devices. Dilators designed to stretch the vagina. Often made of plastic. It is a condition that affects a woman's ability to engage in vaginal penetration, including sexual intercourse, the penetration involved in gynaecological examinations (Pap tests), menstrual cups or insertion of tampons and manual penetration.

Try to buy vaginal dilators online, Dilators are the result of an involuntary vaginal muscle spasm, which makes different kind of vaginal penetration impossible or painful. while there is a lack of evidence to surely identify which muscle is responsible for the pubococcygeus muscle, the spasm, Sometimes referred to as the "PC muscle". It is most often suggested. Other muscles such as the circumvaginal, bulbocavernosus,  levator ani, and per vaginal muscles have also been suggested.

A woman with vaginismus cannot control consciously these spasms. The most of the females have vaginal problems. Who have vaginal problems immediately buy vaginal dilators online in India, Dilation therapy can help female relax the vagina and grow accustomed to the feeling of penetration? The severity of vaginismus, as well as the pain during penetration (including sexual penetration), different from woman to woman.

Female with vaginismus might also use dilators. Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles of the vagina spasm at the start of penetration, making penetration impossible or difficult.

Young women with vaginal agenesis, who have been born without a fully-developed vagina, may use dilators to create a “neovagina.”  In other words, dilation therapy can help them create a vagina on their own. A medical professional can teach women how to use them and tailor therapy to their personal situation. Dilators may be obtained by prescription or purchased over-the-counter. Dilators needed females buy Vaginal Dilators Online in India.

Dilators come in different sizes

Small Size - A small dilator might be the size of a tampon.

Large Size - A large one might be the size of an average. 

Dilators are used for a variety of conditions

For example, radiation treatment for gynaecological cancer damage the vaginal lining and make the vagina narrower and less flexible. For some women, dilation can minimize these effects and help the vagina heal.

Penis-shaped objects used to stretch the vagina after radiotherapy to the pelvic area or cervix. Can help to prevent the vagina becoming too narrow to have sex comfortably. Can also be used after surgery that has resulted in nerve damage to the vagina which may also cause narrowing.

Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators

Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators offer a viable path for ladies to take a dynamic part in their treatment of the sexual issue, for example, dyspareunia and vaginismus (excruciating sex), in the security and solace they could call their own environment.

Utilizing your Amielle Comfort vaginal dilator will delicately set you up for sexual intercourse through "preparing" your vagina to get used to the vibe of the entrance.

Planned in conjunction with psychosexual specialists, Amielle Comfort vaginal dilators help ladies to acquaint themselves with their body and along these lines help to construct their certainty at a pace that they choose suits them best.

Amielle Comfort is an enlisted medicinal gadget for the tender self-treatment for agonizing sex The treatment comprises 5 graduated cones used to widen the vagina Also included in the pack you will locate.

All inclusive curve and lock handle to join the cones, 1x40ml Silk oil, 1 Demonstration DVD and 1 guidelines for utilization guide.

Amielle Care vaginal dilators and handle should be washed after each use. Wash in warm, soapy water, rinse thoroughly and allow to dry before storing in carrying bag. Ensure all traces of soap are removed to avoid irritation. Remember to wash the dilator handle if it has been used.

A vaginal dilator (sometimes called a vaginal trainer) is an instrument used to gently stretch the vagina when it has become narrowed (vaginal stenosis), such as after brachytherapy for gynecologic cancers. There is mixed evidence for their use, and studies have reported psychological damage from dilator treatment. Rectovaginal fistulae have also been linked to dilator use.

Amielle Comfort is a gentle self-treatment for painful sexual intercourse, designed in conjunction with psychosexual therapists.

Amielle Comfort dilators help women with both vaginismus and dyspareunia and can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

Amielle Comfort includes a set of 5 graduated dilators with a universal handle to make insertion and removal easier, lubricant.

Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators for Women's Health is manufactured by Owen Mumford Ltd /UK and consists of five graduated size tubes with universal handle and comes in an attractive and discreet packaging. Now you searching best vaginal dilators, Buy Dilators for Women Online in India, with low cost.

How to Use a Vaginal Dilator

This information will teach you how to use a vaginal dilator.

After menopause, the vagina becomes dry, less elastic, narrower, and shorter. Some cancer treatments can also cause these changes within the vagina. To help you with these changes, your healthcare provider has suggested that you use a vaginal dilator and start doing vaginal dilator therapy. Vaginal dilator therapy is a resource you can use throughout your life. 

It will help to:

Allow your healthcare provider to perform a more thorough pelvic exam.

Make it more comfortable for you to be examined.

Prevent your vagina from becoming too narrow.

Keep your vagina more elastic.

Allow you to have vaginal sex with less discomfort.

Where to buy Vaginal dilators?

Using vaginal dilators helps for women to lead a normal sex life after gynaecological surgery, Radiation Or The Menopause. Conditions such as vaginismus, painful and dyspareunia intercourse are very common and the use of a vaginal dilator is a recommended treatment to make penetration easier. Buy Vaginal Dilator Online in India, StressNoMore offers a range of vaginal dilators for discreet packing delivery to your home with 100% privacy.

Cost of the Vaginal Dilators

Best Vaginal dilators with the best prices in India rate at Rs.6500 for a single quantity with the best quality of the vaginal dilators are available in Shycart. Buy Vaginal Dilators for Female Online in India at Shycart. Get a guarantee of 100% Genuine Products delivered in a multi-layered, concealed and discreet packaging to maintain your privacy.

Getting Started

Buy Vaginal Dilators Online in India and Select time and place in which you can have to feel relaxed and privacy. Most of the women decide their bedroom be the most suitable place for dilator therapy.

Lie down on your back with your knees flexed at a 45-degree angle. They should be shoulder width aside. If you find this to be a problem, you can place pillows under your knees for support. Relax your feet pleasantly on the bed or couch. Make sure you can easily touch the opening of your vagina. Use a hand mirror if you require it.


  1. Silky smooth finish for maximum comfort.
  2. The gently curved shape and transition up in size.
  3. Effective treatment for use in the comfort of the home
  4. Five graduated sizes to help users to progress gradually
  5. Designed to help build confidence
  6. Easy and safe to use and clean and are non-toxic and latex free.
  7. Olives Health Benefits: Reduces Pain, Eye Health, Skin Care, Support Gastrointestinal Health, Cancer Prevention, Weight Loss.
  8. Comes in an attractive and discreet packaging with a convenient twist and lock handle and IFU.  mirror if you require it.

This product is non-returnable.

Reviews (40)

Product are well -
Before using dilator, my wife feeling very fear for intercourse because she feels pain during intercourse. Later then she used it, its makes our life happy and it removes her fear permanently.
Good product -
Good product and Satisfied with the purchase.
Excellent Service -
It is a very excellent product and it is very useful who have pain during intercourse. It makes me and my partner happy.
service is good -
I enjoy that moment with my partner without any trouble after using dilator. The way of handling the customer and processing the order is excellent.
Great! -
Good sizes, easy to use, excellent quality product with clear usage instructions. It is very helpful and Quick delivery with discreet packing.
good product -
good product
Great! -
I bought different sizes of dilator sets, which is very helpful to me. Excellent quality product with clear usage instructions... Thanks to Shycart....!
Super -
Good product. They are comfortable to use, and the different sizes helps. I used this from the small size the gradually to the larger size. It has made a lot of difference for me. Thanks to the Creator of this Product!!!
Simple device! Excellent results! -
I was suffering from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse. Finally, I saw a specialist who told me about this. So I decided to try it. I bought from Shycart and I used the five set of Dilators for over three months, following the instructions. The first time, it hurts to insert because that is when I had pain but after five minutes the pain goes away, I used them daily 30 minutes. Now, I was able to have PAINLESS INTERCOURSE with my husband for the first time in almost two years. It was the first time I felt hopeful to get my old stress less life back. I use it before sex like it says to do and it works. It has made a big difference. I am so satisfied with the results from this Dilators. I would highly recommend it.
Excellent -
I think I hope, today I will be able to have sex again with my husband. I was impressed that I was so relaxed. Thanks to Shycart.
Great value for money -
I was suffering from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse so I was very depressed. That time I searched solutions of my problems in google. Finally, I found the Amielle dilators, after that I tried this dilator set. Instructions and product quality were truly amazing. Slowly, I working my way up to comfortably using step by step, like as I tried smallest to the largest dilator. It is very easy and comfortable for me to use and have really helped reduce the pain during my intercourse! I find sex with my husband much, much more comfortable and very satisfying. They were perfect. Thank you Shycart!
Good product -
This product is superior quality, soft and easy to use and help the different sizes for me.Quick delivery. Thanks to Shycart
Excellent! -
Super. Very useful and well packed. Thanks Shycart
Satisfied -
Good experience
Excellent -
I found the Amielle dilators and instructions really amazing. Following the instructions and slowly working my way up to comfortably using the largest dilator. I was able to progressively work my way up from the small level to the 5 level dilator. I can't believe I can comfortably use the #5 dilator now! I tried Amielle Comfort Dilators for just a few weeks, now I relaxed and sex with my husband much, much more comfortable and very satisfying. Thank you Shycart.
Good product! -
Super... best product...
Amazing product! -
This product is very well designed. Excellent quality with clear usage instructions. I have been using the dilators because I was having problems with intercourse due to being post menopausal and I used them for last three weeks yet, the difference they have made is amazing. They have improved my sex life considerably. I would recommend to anyone with similar problems!
Excellent...! -
Great product! Everything good. I recommend it to every woman that's having a problem with penetration. It really helps.
Very helpful product! -
I would highly recommend this dilator due to being great value for money. Good quality product with clear usage instructions....very helpful....May God bless the Creator of this product.
Very pleased...! Great product...! -
I was suffering from vaginal dryness & painful intercourse so I was very depressed. I cried often and really lost hope. I didn't feel like a female and felt alien in my own body. I tried dilators and I was so lucky to have found this product. Because of the magnets, the efforts I make in treating my problem last! it has dramatically improved my sex life. I don't have to worry about missing a day. I was quickly able to move up in sizes and actually had my first pain free experience recently. I cried I was so happy. Very happy with this dilator set and fast shipping, packing also very excellent.
Works well...! No fear...! -
I had been struggling with vaginal pain and painful sex each time so I went to the hospital when the doctor told me about this product. So I decided to try it. I bought this product from Shycart. First day I used this dilator when I got little pain involved with this treatment. I was impressed that I was so relaxed during my 1/2 hour of useand after a week it was less pain during sex. It was amazing....! I would recommend to anyone with similar problems!
Privacy was ensured. -
Very good product. -
Super...! Excellent product...I have very happy with the results. I had very painful sex so I bought this product two months before and I worked out daily 30 minutes. Now I don't have any issues. I am very very happy with my purchase. It is a great treatment tool for vaginismus. Thanks for Shycart.
Thank so much for Shycart...... -
I got married in 2012. After 4 year of uncomfortable sex and around 14 months of no sex at all due to the fear of heavy pain. When i bought the dilator set from Shycacrt and first day I started with the very smallest size of level one. 2nd day, I started with the 2rd and 3rd, left that 40mins then next day moved on to 4th level for 10mins. It was very painful to insert and I had tried starting with the 4th level. so I back to the 3rd level and Took around 3 weeks using for 30-40mins each day. After next week moved on to 4th level for 10mins, when I could attempt the largest dilator. After another week, I have finally managed to have pain free sex so my hubby and I had sex for the first time in ages. Really really pleased as didn't think it would work. Thank you so much for Shycart.
Fine so far... -
I was having problems with intercourse due to having lots of pain. When I search the solution for this problem when a doctor recommended this product. I bought from shycart and I worked out daily half an hour. Now I have very happy with the results and I have managed to have sex. It is improved my sex life considerably. I wish I had known about these years ago! Thanks to Shycart...
amazing...! -
As I suffer from vaginismus so I bought this dilator. It is very well designed especially the way they screw together so you do not need a handle. Actually, it works super and very compact. It has dramatically improved my sex life. Very happy with the results...I would recommend to anyone with similar problems!
Good one at best price -
The product is a good quality. I think I hope, with today I will be able to have sex again with my husband as its been several years and we are not getting any younger. I should say I'm slowly optimistic. If it can help us and I've realised that you must do this every day. It has to be factored into your daily life. If it helps in the end, it will be so worth it. I'm happy with my purchase and the service was very good.
Very smooth -
Bought for my wife on the recommendation of a hospital consultant. The Dilates are very brilliant, progressive sizes make this item stretch slowly and easy insertion. Easy to clean and store in the cute bag. Since my wife have been on the menopause and have tried different products, that have not been as successful as the Vaginally Dilates, don't feel tense stress or discomfort when using them. The product is as described and hopefully, it will do what it says on the tin. May God bless the Creator of this product. My wife really very happy without stress and now she is relaxed. I can honestly recommend this product...
So happy I bought this product! -
I hadn't been able to engage in vaginal intercourse, but after using this dilator set I am now able to do so comfortably. Works wonderfully! This product is the Excellent quality product, easy to use, soft and to disinfect. This is sensitive solution for my problem. Shapes are optimally designed with clear usage instructions. I'm absolute satisfied with the product and I heartily suggest it to anyone!..
Technically brilliant!! -
This is a great treatment tool for vaginismus. I bought dilator set bez I have more pain with my sex life. So I started this treatment. 1st day I worked through all 3 levels, leaving each inserted for 15-20 min. 2nd day, I started with the 3rd, left that 5min then moved on to 4th level for 20min. It was very painful to insert and I had tried starting with the 4th level. so I back to the 3rd level. Then next day I continue 4th level when i inserting easily without pain. On the 4th day, before sex, again i used the 3rd & 4th level only for about 2 minutes. When started sex, I had pain free penetration for the first time ever! This product actually helped me enjoy receiving penetration for the first time ever it's totally worth doing it to be able to not only not have pain but to truly enjoy sex. Good price and better priced than the comfort dilators. Very thankful to the creator.
Excellent - More expensive products!! -
Bought for my wife on the recommendation of a hospital consultant. Unable to say how effective it will be as improvements come slowly from continued use. The product is as hopefully and described. May God bless the Creator of this product. Excellent quality item supplied as described in a quality, feminine looking soft case. Products are well made and come with easy to follow instructions and a helpful DVD. I have had pleasing results so far and have found the device helpful when used as the instructions state. Thanks to Shycart for received this order on the date expected. Very discrete packaging.
Very helpful product! -
These really do work. Start with the smallest first and work through gradually to the largest. Took me less than 8 weeks to get through all the dilators. I used them twice a day for about 30-40mins each time. It worked wonders! A slightly larger size would have been helpful after the fifth dilator. Now I having intercourse without pain! Very good recommend this product the sizes are good. Very good quality, easy to use and clean. It comes with very beautiful bag and Very clear instruction leaflet. I can honestly recommend this product.
Good Product!! -
My doctor recommended this product so I bought it. Due to painful intercourse. The different sizes nest together so you just have one the piece to store away instead of a bunch of dilators. Easily handle to control so you can work on areas where structures have developed like I have. I have been out of radiation for 3 years. I have suffered greatly during even my follow-up exams and I felt things were getting worse so I had to try something. I started the first day at the smallest diameter. And the second day just tries 2nd level. I think the 3rd level should be enough if I can get to that. On the third day, after using the dilator I felt confident enough to have sex with my husband without pain. It has proven to be well worth the money. This is a medical device, if you need to "open things up" then I would definitely recommend it.
Good Value & Excellent Product -
Due to radiation treatment, I was instructed by my doctor to use a Dilator exerciser. I got from Shycart, for a very reasonable price and the best quality of the product. Vaginal dilator was exactly what I needed. After only 4 weeks of using it twice a day, as instructed, I am able to have pain-free intercourse. I like the several sizes all fitting together in one unit. Would be nice if it was a bit softer, rather than such hard plastic. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. Dilators help to solve my intercourse pain. A lot of Thanks! to Shycart.
Very Impressive Results! -
I had vaginismus, and after many times failed attempts, and I had very painful sex. So I am searched the meditation, I saw the vaginal dilators product from online in Shycart. After reading about the product and realizing, I got vaginal dilators from this website. I did almost give up on having a “Normal sex life". Until I came across your Dilator Set, that is. Results are very great, As a psychotherapist who works with vaginismus patients, I am very satisfied with Shycart product. After every psychotherapy session, I have been asking women to try vaginal dilators.Results are very impressive! So far, all women...
Highly recommended your products -
I got dilators from Shycart website and they are very great! I am so glad there is a website like yours, dedicated to helping the woman like me attain normal sex lives. Now I feel very happy. First of all, I wish to thank your site. Keep up the good work. I recommended to all....
Wonderful dedicated website -
I like to say thank you so much for Shycart. I struggled with vaginismus for 5 years and due to your spacers, I was finally able to overcome. What a wonderful site dedicated to this very real and poorly understood problem! I am so glad I found your...
Extremely Satisfied -
I had repeatedly been to the gynecologist without any true help. My hubby and I felt so lost when we saw the Shycart website. It was like somebody certainly explained the problem. The dilators were a god-sent! After a few months of going through each..... I feel very happy. Thank you so much.
I Love this product -
Worth the money. I have used this product for 2 years now, I can easily say I love this product. It works just as expected and has helped me immensely. It's very useful.
Highly recommend product!!!! -
I got vaginal Dilators because sex was very painful, specifically penetration so I had Vaginal Dilators from Shycart and I used dilators set. Its works very Excellent. This is very safe and reduced the penetration pain.

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