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Gym supporter x 2pcs(value pack) - omtex


Omtex tokyo supporter - back covered x 2pcs(value pack)

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Are you hitting gym regularly? Are you the one who runs around the wickets in Cricket to grab more Runs? The most delicate part in a male's body is the male genital which is extremely sensitive. It is the part of the body that needs utmost attention and care. The pain incurred due to a hard kick in the groin is equivalent to breakage of few soft bones in the body. Such is the sensitivity of the region. Many people inquire whether is it necessary or important to wear athletic gym supporter for men in India. Our answer to it is an absolute yes. When weights are being lifted, the weight in the lower body puts up a strain in the groin which might affect it. When the gym langot / groin supporter /jock brief is worn, it will hold the groin tightly and precludes any unwanted pressure being applied to the groin. Our answer to how to wear athletic gym langot supporter is to wear it like a normal underwear and it will provide utmost tightness and support to the groin.