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Veet suprem essence hair removal cream (25 gm)


Veet hair removal cream for normal skin (25 gm)


Veet hair removal cream for dry skin (25 gm)


Veet hair removal cream for sensitive skin (25 gm)


Veet easygrip ready-to-use 20 wax strips - normal skin


Veet easygrip ready-to-use wax strips - sensitive skin


Shycarts sweatex arm pads pack (pack of 2)


Reusable under arms pad - 1 pack of 4 pairs


Everteen – natural intimate wash


She scrub - organic facial scrub


Laser petals 3 women razor 4 pcs x 3


Veet easy grip 20 wax strips pack


Gogirl - stand and pee

1350 800

Gogirl pack of 2

2700 1600

Fresh breasts


Clean and dry cream 15gm


Clean and dry cream 30gm


Clean and dry 100gm - wash


Clean and dry intimate cleansing foam wash


Lasky herbal blosom breast firming and enhancement cream


Lasky herbal blosom breast firming and enhancement cream - pack of 4


Lasky herbal blosom breast firming and enhancement cream -pack of 6


Rustic art - feminine intimate wash (100 ml)


Everteen natural intimate hygiene wipes (2 packs combo)


Amielle comfort vaginal dilators

6500 6450

Inlife natural vaginal wash (200ml) for feminine hygiene


Clean and dry intimate foaming wash & daily intimate wash

399 394

Reusable under arms pad - pack of 4 pairs


KĀ Intimate Wipes for Men (30 pieces individually wrapped)


Earthvedic Men's Intimate wash


Earthvedic Womens Intimate Wash


Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set

6500 6200

Reviews (48)

Average Rating :
Good product! -
Everything is great - I love your service and website and am glad it exists.
On  27-Feb-2018
Works well...! No fear...! -
Every time I had painful sex because of I have vaginismus problem. After I searched for the solution on google. When I know about this dilator sets. First I confused after bought from shycart. I received within 2 days. Then I have been using the smallest one a little at a time and have seen improvement. Hopefully next week I can move up a size. Very nice product...Very comfortable...
On  20-Feb-2018
Good product. :) -
My partner told me about these dilator. I bought and used regularly...After a week it was less pain during sex. I can finally have sex again after 3 years!! Now I relaxed...I'm so very happy. Thank you!
On  19-Feb-2018
Powerful kit! -
Powerful kit
On  16-Feb-2018
***** -
Good product
On  15-Feb-2018
Good Quality Sets! -
I received this order on an expected date. Very discreet packaging. It was exactly as shown on Shyacart. It comes with nice bag. Good quality, easy to use & clean. The clear instruction leaflet and the DVD to be more specific if there was any uncertainty. After few times of using it, I could feel the difference. 5 stars product for me. I can honestly recommend this product to anyone who is experiencing postmenopausal symptoms, dryness etc.
On  13-Feb-2018
Good product! -
Super... best product...
On  06-Feb-2018
Great! -
Good sizes, easy to use, excellent quality product with clear usage instructions. It is very helpful and Quick delivery with discreet packing.
On  01-Feb-2018
good product -
good product
On  04-Jan-2018
Amazing Product -
I was 26 years old and lost my virginity, I suffered from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse & it felt like a burning sensation and that my whole vagina is like closing and does not allow anything! So I was very depressed. I spoke out about it to my hubby...So both me and my husband decided to do something about it, I saw a sexual health expert who put it down to being 'vaginismus' which is what I expected it to be. But for me, the same help was not near my house and after some research that my doctor was completely useless about this we found this. So took the step of ordering them. I received within 2days when I have to say wow, at first I was doubtful as I never thought I'd even have the ability to use the first size however following SEVEN days then I found myself working my way up to the largest size. I won't lie and say it was easy because at the time I felt like giving up yet whatever I can say is DONT be patient, be casual and take as much time as necessary. I used it 2 months regularly, now I can have pain free sex, so women don't endure peacefully purchase this amazing product and get yourself back on track to having an extraordinary sexual life. :)
On  03-Jan-2018

How to Use a Vaginal Dilator

How to use vaginal dilators? Learn about it complete step-by-step guidelines.

Why are vaginal dilators set used in treating vaginismus?

A female with vaginismus can not control consciously these spasms. The most of the girls have vaginal problems. Who have vaginal problems immediately buy vaginal dilators online in India, Dilator therapy can help women relax the vagina. Vaginal Dilators can be very effective tools in helping to eliminate burning, the underlying cause of vaginismus tightness, the PC muscle reflex and penetration difficulties. Jump to Treatment choose Vaginal Dilators. Your doctor or counsellor may recommend learning to use vaginal dilators under the supervision of a professional. When choosing a vaginal dilator set to treat vaginismus, women are often. The proper use of vaginal dilators is essential for successful treatment outcomes.

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