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Good service. -
Good service.
about 9 days ago
Good -
about 13 days ago
Good service -
Good service, keep up the good work
about 1 months ago
Amazing -
Instructions really amazing. Following the instructions and slowly working my way up to comfortably using step by step like small to largest dilator. I was able to progressively work my way up from the small(2nd) level to the large(6th) level dilator. I can't believe I can comfortably use the #6 dilator now! I tried vaginal dilators for just a few weeks, now I relaxed and sex with my husband much, much more comfortable and very satisfying. Thanks shycart.
about 1 months ago
Good product -
Good product. Thanks to shycart
about 1 months ago
Amazing product! -
I had vaginismus and I had more pain during my sex. I had a stressful life because of soo many times failed attempts, not able to have sex for 8 months. I searched for the solution to my problem on google. Finally, I found this product and bought from shycart. I have used them daily 30-40 minutes. Slowly, I have started my way up to comfortably using step by step, like small to the largest dilator kit. The first day I have started from the second level, it was easy to insert. Then move to the next level, it was a little difficult but I have managed it. I took about 3 days with the 3rd level. Then I started the largest one, it was very very difficult to insert when I felt discomfort. Then I took fully practised it. After 45 days with the dilator kit I have managed to have sex with my hubby! Thank you shycart.
about 1 months ago
Excellent service -
The packaging was excellent and the product was worth the money.
about 2 months ago
Excellent product -
I was suffering from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse so I was very depressed. That time I searched solutions of my problems in google. Finally, I found this dilator kit and bought from shycart and I tried this dilator kit. Instructions and product quality were truly amazing. Slowly, I working my way up to comfortably using step by step, like as I tried smallest to the largest dilator. It is very easy and comfortable for me to use and have really helped reduce the pain during my intercourse! I find sex with my husband much, much more comfortable and very satisfying. They were perfect. Thank you Shycart!
about 2 months ago
Very helpful product! -
Really worked. Start with the smallest first and work through gradually to the biggest. Took me less than two months to get through all the dilator kits. I used them twice a day for about 30-40 minutes each time. It worked wonders! A slightly larger size would have been helpful after the fifth dilator. Now I having sex without pain! Very good recommend product, sizes are good. Very good quality, easy to use and clean. It comes with very beautiful bag and Very clear instruction leaflet. I can honestly recommend this product.
about 2 months ago
Extremely Satisfied -
I had repeatedly been to the gynecologist without any true help. My hubby and I felt so lost when we saw the Shycart website. It was like somebody certainly explained the problem. The dilators were a god-sent! After a few months of going through each..... I feel very happy. Thank you so much.
about 2 months ago

How to Use a Vaginal Dilator

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Why are vaginal dilators set used in treating vaginismus?

A female with vaginismus can not control consciously these spasms. The most of the girls have vaginal problems. Who have vaginal problems immediately buy vaginal dilators online in India, Dilator therapy can help women relax the vagina. Vaginal Dilators can be very effective tools in helping to eliminate burning, the underlying cause of vaginismus tightness, the PC muscle reflex and penetration difficulties. Jump to Treatment choose Vaginal Dilators. Your doctor or counsellor may recommend learning to use vaginal dilators under the supervision of a professional. When choosing a vaginal dilator set to treat vaginismus, women are often. The proper use of vaginal dilators is essential for successful treatment outcomes.

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