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Satisfied -
I was very satisfied
about 25 days ago
Awesome service -
Awesome service
about 29 days ago
Great product -
This product is a woman's best friend. I am very happy I switched to this. I encourage all women to try the cup, you will not be disappointed. I have not had any unfortunate incident in these 3 years I have been using it. Also, I was very surprised with the quick delivery on Shycart. Kudos !
about 1 months ago
Great experience -
Super convenient alternative! Thank you for such an easy experience buying the cup
about 1 months ago
Good service -
The product was delivered in time and also the customer service was very good.
about 1 months ago
Good product -
about 1 months ago
Great service -
Really satisfied with your service. Thank you
about 1 months ago
Good -
about 1 months ago
Very satisfied -
Very satisfied with the delivery speed, I received my order within two days! The COD charges could have been avoided, that was my only complaint but given quality and speed it's not such a pinch. However, I have a tiny problem with the survey: I am not a huge fan of the "embarrassment" factor, because it shouldn't exist in the first place. People should be encouraged to be defiant and cool with their consensual choices and as a website for personal choices like these it could be treated as a lesser hush-hush topic. But overall the site is incredible! thank you!
about 1 months ago
Good service. -
Good service.
about 1 months ago

Period days Care - Useful information

How can you safely carry your sanitary napkin to work place or while traveling?

Carrying a sanitary napkin in public is an embarrassing affair- sometimes an ordeal. Common ways of carrying it are to stuff it inside pockets of pants and jackets,crushing it inside our fists and/or wrapping it in newspapers.

Do men undergo periods as well?

Grumpy, increasingly frustrated, having insane mood swings, grasped by bouts of baseless anxiety - no, not the description of a woman in PMS.. but of a MAN !

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