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Nice -
Best quality. Very useful while traveling
about 1 years ago
Overall good service -
Overall a good service in Chennai. Shopping cart editing options and web site can be improved. Service was very good.
about 3 years ago

Perfumed panties - are they useful?

Perfumed panties! Sounds cool. Yes there are panties which are perfumed and smell great. Some may feel it is unnecessary that panties are perfumed. For such people should know the benefits of it. These panties not just smell good but they also work on psychological level.

Different types of maternity belts

Maternity belt is one of the most crucial products that help to alleviate the discomfort for pregnancy women. It is very hard bearing a baby as it grows

Pregnancy panties - any downsides?

Pregnancy panties are introduced and specifically designed for women who had experienced with discomfort of pains and aches

Disposable panties - uses in maternity and periods

Disposable panties are lightweight, portable woman briefs which are used one time and then tossed away. There are various reasons why women wear these types of panties and depending on that, producers design and fabricate these sanitary products. The most significant use of the product is while post-maternity.