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Okamoto's condoms are the World's top ten thinnest condom brands. These extraordinary condoms are made using revolutionary Japanese Technology which assures best standards of quality and durability while supporting absolute pleasure as couples can encounter the normal silkier feel of power while the lovemaking. Okamoto has been in the business for as long as 75 years and the condoms are made to satisfy the first feelings such as softness and thinnest. Also, this brand has been pushing the envelope in creating condoms with remarkable quality, without trading off 'security' which is the essential reasons condoms are used for. Thus, Okamoto condoms tread along the contemplations of safety, softness and thinnest. The best thinnest condom in the world - Okamoto made the world's thinnest latex condoms while complying with the necessities of ISO 4074:2002. The organization has appropriately named the thinnest condoms as super thin condoms, which can give completely natural feeling while at the same time being used. Softness- Okamoto condoms accompany its mark delicate quality since it is vital to get the solace and tight fitting comfort to the couple. Okamoto has turned out to be softer than other different brands by internal modulus and one can likewise locate that characteristic by swelling up the condom.It can sell more easily and simply than other different brands. Softness important to retain the closeness for the couple in the wake of wearing the condom. The interest and the energy could be changed when the condom isn't sufficiently delicate and that could play the spoilsport. Thickness - One of the obvious highlights of Okamoto condoms is its 'even thickness'. We have seen other condom brands publicizing theirs as the thinnest condoms including "0.03mm', what it really means is just a thin segment close to the tip of the condom, though Okamoto condoms are equally thin from the open end down through the centre to the tip of the condom. No other condom brand has guaranteed even thickness starting today in the market. Safety - Okamoto condoms are fabricated with stringent quality principles conforming to ISO 4074:2002 to guarantee each condom that reaches achieve customers is surely safe. Okamoto has an extensive variety of condoms to suit the different size, colour, shape, texture, flavour, shape and different movements of young couples who need to enjoy fulfilling but safe sex. Okamoto's ultrathin condoms can get you to the closest feeling of having natural skinny dipping. Okamoto's ultra-thin is bringing Omega flavour to add spice to your lovemaking.

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Okamoto Skinless Skin Ultrathin Condoms


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Okamoto 0.03 Platinum Super Ultra thin condoms


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