Is a condom safe?

Is a condom safe?



Yes, a condom is very safe. It prevents pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) 100% safe. Condoms are as safe as any contraceptive available. There is a rare chance of failing in every contraception method. If you and your partner are having sex, nothing protects against STDs better than a properly used condom. You having sex, condoms must always be used to protect against STDs even when using another method of birth control. Condoms always make sure that. In the case of condoms, it can fail, if gets torn off (even minute hole) during the act.

Here are so many queries you will have when you are doing sex for the first time with your partner.The queries like what needed precautions should I take during sexual intercourse? Are we having a safe sex? Sex is a physical as well as emotional relationship and you must take required preventive measures before you are able for it. But, what precautions should we take in order to have a safe sex? The only answer is CONDOMS. But, again are these condoms safe to use.

Safe Sex Vs Condoms

The term Sex is defined in various ways in multiple parts of the country. Overall it is good and natural activity in the day to day life. It is something that each and every person enjoys but it also gives increase sexually transmitted infections like AIDS and HIV. Hence, we should always have safe sex by using condoms. Condoms protect you from STI’s and prevent you from becoming dad or mom, in short, it avoids pregnancy.


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