High effective contraception

High effective contraception

Birth control
Contraception includes all kinds of birth control devices and measures. Highly effective contraception is hugely in demand. Because these help couples wade off tensions of unwanted pregnancy.

Contraceptive methods are aplenty. Some of the most common and popular contraceptive methods are–condoms-male and female, oral pills and surgical methods like tubal ligation,vasectomy, hysterectomy and implant.
Other methods that are spoken about less but widely practiced are withdrawal and continuous abstinence.

A couple,more often than less ends up having an undesirable pregnancy. There are many women out there who do not always welcome the idea of a contraceptive pill.They shudder at the thought of having to use contraceptives because they cause adverse side-effects. Cases like these demand the need of other contraceptive methods. Vasectomy, female sterilization and implants are the contraception that rate high in effective birth control. These result in less than one pregnancy per 100 individuals. Following close in being effective are other contraception like LAM, shots and pills. These methods have been reported to result in 2-9 pregnancies per 100 cases.
In spite of producing an impressive record at being effective, one wonders if these contraception are truly effective. And if they truly let a couple not fear unwanted pregnancy. Apart from being credited for their effectiveness, they are also known to fail in few instances of birth control. In fact many victims of cases of undesirable pregnancies claim to have used appropriate contraception at the time of sex.
Given the awry situation, the chances of getting pregnant can be lowered safely by using the contraception correctly and never ever forgetting to use one each and every other time a couple has sex.

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