Does wearing a bra of wrong size lead to breast cancer

Does wearing a bra of wrong size lead to breast cancer

A Bra is primarily designed to provide support to the breastsof the wearer. Also considered a trend, the most stylish wears available todayare a result of fashion meeting comfort.

Wrong Sized Bra
Whilst a perfectsize can make you feel comfortable, an incorrect size will do just the opposite.
Wearing anill-fitting bra gives you neck and back pain, respiratory problems and doesirreversible damage to breast tissues.

Itdoesn’t stop right there.

1.     Bras of wrong sizes, when worn for a longerperiod of time, are capable of causing breast cancer.

2.     The breasts are meant to stay free, void ofcongestion.

3.      Butincorrectly sized bras strangle the breasts. 

4.     A bra of wrong size exerts pressure on thebreast tissues and the surrounding muscles. The milk ducts within the breasts,being sensitive in nature are stifled in the process. This leads to aninfection called Mastitis.

5.     Such injuries and infections over a course oftime become a reason for the widely occurring cases of breast cancer across theglobe.

It’s wise to note here that most often Breast Cancer occursin the milk ducts. 

Best fitting
The issue mightstill be under research. Yet, a little precaution in choosing the right brasize wouldn’t hurt. Knowing the right method to determine bra sizes andknowledge about where to procure the best fitting bras would solve the problemhalf-way.

Sometimes wearingbras of wrong sizes lead to permanent sagging of the breasts, too.

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