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Do menstrual cups really work?

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Yes, the Menstrual cup is really a beautiful gift for females as its easy and comfortable to use.

Few of our customer's feedbacks/experiences show in below:


A menstrual cup is a great alternative to plastic pads. Three years before I came to know about it, then I decided to buy a menstrual cup. But I had a lot of confusion because so many brands are available in online India such as SheCup, Diva Cup, Aneer Moon cup, Boondh cup and Stone Soup. Since I don't know about those brands, I started to read a lot of reviews & articles about it. Almost all reviews were positive about SheCup and my sister also told me that SheCup is the number one brand in India and its manufactured in India. Finally, I bought Menstrual SheCup online from


It was a fantastic experience to use SheCup because of its super quality which is very very soft, environment-friendly, Zero leakage and Cleaning is very easy. Now I say that I have found freedom in the real sense from the monthly period problems related to changing pads & leakage issues. In the last two years, I have been able to do things like bike riding, jogging, yoga, and swimming during my periods and I have never been able to do this before because of my problem of heavy periods.


Now, I don't have to worry about changing it at all time during the day which is really good for girls/ladies. Freedom from expensive and uncomfortable pads, freedom from frequent pads changing, freedom from sleepless nights and spotting. I am very surprised that these menstrual cup products and this method of hygiene are not being popularly practised in India.


The SheCup is very soft and its good for the first timers due to softness. The SheCup is best and better alternative to pads for those who lead an active lifestyle. It’s just a one-time investment. Value for money..! Unbelievable experience... Amazing product!... I wish that menstrual cups would have been known to me earlier, I could have said goodbye very early to sanitary pads and switch to the Eco- friendly she cup. Say goodbye to sanitary pads. I am very satisfied with it. I Love it!!!


I would recommend this to all who are still using pads and especially for young mothers, you can concentrate on your baby rather than your pads. People request to spread the word about MENSTRUAL CUPS because it will really help to all the girls/women and it's Eco- friendly and cost saving...

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