Aneer moon cup

Aneer moon cup

How hard these menstrual days are?

  Puberty,Menstruation,Pregnancy,Motherhood,Menopause-make the life of a woman worthy and fulfilling.Puberty and menstruation are the gateway for a healthy and happy feminine world.But the physical and mental stress faced by the womankind every month during the menstrual period-no words to explain.


Stomach pains,back aches,constipation,indigestion,tension,stress the list goes on.Of all these the need to change the  period pad very often during the heavy flow days is irritating .The worry of stains-worst of all.

 What if a design exists to collect all the discharges for a minimum of 12 hours and reduces the frequency of changing the pads.Yes,The Aneer Moon Cup does it for you.

What is a Aneer moon cup?

 The Aneer  Moon cup is simply a reusable Menstrual cup made of high grade silicone to collect the menstrual fluids.The product  is bell shaped and designed to be used by inserting it internally into the female organ.It is fastened inside the vagina and can withstand the menstrual discharge for a minimum of 12 hours.Menstruation made easy.


Alternate to Sanitary pads and Tampons.

 The key benefit of the product is its reusability. Considering the non-decomposable menstrual waste disposed of by a single woman, this product is the need-of-the-hour. One single moon cup, if properly maintained, can be used for a period of 12 years.
   Unlike the sanitary pads and tampons , the moon cup just collects and holds the menstrual blood rather than absorbing the same.
A great relief from changing the pads often.Preferably removed and washed at a twelve-hour interval even during heavy flow.
 Money saver and say no to all your search for sanitary pads or tampons every month.
You are free from leakage and staining issues, hence enjoy a perfect day and a good night.
You tend to know the exact volume of menstrual discharge(say 20 ml on a heavy day) each day during menstruation.
This product helps to gain better knowledge and awareness about the feminine organ.
The chemicals in the tampons are harmful to the skin and the sanitary pads cause rashes. But this moon cup is completely safe and feels like a second skin.
The pads when a flow is high gives you a wet feeling and on the other hand, the tampons suck you out dry of your all vaginal fluids. This feminine cup overcomes both the problems. It neither sucks nor absorbs, it simply collects.
Using tampons causes vaginal dryness and TSS. The Aneer moon cup decreases the chances of TSS.

How to use?


Inserting into the female organ:

 Clean your hands and the moon cup with plain water. Press the sides of the cup to fold into half.Fold the sides again half size. Now hold the folded cup firmly in between your thumb and index finger.

  Be in a comfortable position either sitting on the toilet seat,or one leg at a higher place or a squatting posture.Insert the folded cup into the vagina and gently rotate it to fasten it firm internally. Slightly pull the stem to check if the moon cup is safe. Please verify that the stem is outside the vagina.


Removing the Moon Cup:


Choose your comfortable position preferably sitting on a toilet seat, hold the stem of the cup tightly and this allows for the ease of removal. Gently pull the stem downward slowly and carefully to avoid spilling. Pour the menstrual fluid into the toilet.
Rinse it thoroughly with plain water and it is ready to use again.
Recommended to wash with plain water.Empty the contents and completely rinse it after every use. Preferably clean it with mild perfumed soaps.Avoid using any strong  chemical solution.Let the product air dry or wipe with a clean cloth and store it in a cotton pouch or bag.Do not store it in a airtight container.Remember to wash your hands before and after handling the menstrual cup.
 Once you master the art of using the Moon cup,it is the best way to handle the menstrual process,since it is both skin friendly and eco-friendly.

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